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  1. [​IMG]

    Has anyone else posted this on their signature on HF?
  2. Xanth does, I do, Seabs does. Not seen any one else I don't think.
  3. Did the signature look like this also? I just cut it out from the main page.
  4. Yeah. People used our logo and hyperlinked it to come to this site. We appreciate everyone who does this.
  5. banned til next yeatr my niggy

    no this year august
  6. Obie-Trice...?
  7. yeah sure i guess gimmie code idk if reg mems can do sigs

    Please correct the following errors before continuing:
    We are sorry, but we cannot update your signature because it contains too many images. Please remove some images from your signature to continue. Note: The maximum amount of images for signatures is 0.

  8. Type properly. I struggle to understand a thing you say.
  9. I assume Mike & Crayo have known each other longer than WF?
  10. regular members cannot put images in their signatures.

    Yes, way LONGER THAN WF
  11. Yes you can put images in your sig. If you would only look in this convo you'd see CM Punk with an image in his.

    Yes Sage. Else he'd be banned already lol.
  12. I think he meant on hackforums crayo.
  13. [​IMG]

    this is gay
  14. Change the image then.

    And my bad, sorry thought you meant WF.
  15. Code:

    Use that one instead.
  16. it says 0 images allowed in sig..
  17. Oh. Then just use the link :emoji_slight_smile:
  18. HF doesn't allow images to regular members' sigs anymore.
    Then again, why do we talk about the skiddies' land?
  19. Many members = advertisement.
  20. Was about to say the same thing. WF is completely separate of HF. Though we advertise there it's bound to come up.