HHH Addresses Orton’s Suspension, Says It’s Hard To Find Talent

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Jose Tortilla, Jul 22, 2012.

  1. -PWMania

    Legend Killer back? :hmm: :yay:
  2. Or you could get your charisma free ass out of the ring and let Ziggler have more air time - someone who has it in abundance.
  3. Ortooooooooonnnnnnnnn!
  4. Or you know, it's not like you have about 5 superstars you can book in matches, or a bunch of divas you can use.......
  5. Legend killer wouldn't work, going backwards is pointless. Especially when the viper persona is so over.
  6. :true: He killed a lot of legends, and it wouldn't look good to go to the past, you need to look forward and use different ideas. Plus if he becomes the legend killer, instead of seeing young talent more, we'll be seeing more legends from the past coming back, and maybe burying some other young talent too.
  7. The Legend Killer is never coming back Jose. Never. :bury:

    Complaining about young guys missing talent? Riley. :downer:
  8. I know, right? ><
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