HHH breaks character for crying kid

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Sharpy aint SAWFT, Jan 21, 2015.

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  1. Triple H had just decreed that John Cena had to fight in a brutal three-on-one match against Seth Rollins, Kane, and Big Show, and the impending beatdown was apparently too much for a lad in the front row to handle. The boy began crying, and Triple H, recognizing that maybe this wasn't worth bringing a child to tears, broke character to comfort the lad.


  2. pussy

    Triple H too
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  3. He should have beat up the kids parents and told him he was adopted.
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  4. #CryForCena

    But seriously, this was really awesome of trips!
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  5. I don't see why he's crying, he should know that Cena never gives up!
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  7. I bet that kid was ecstatic when the end of the show came around though. Thats how it works kid. They make it seem bleak as hell, like there's no hope. So when the good guy overcomes the unbelievable adversity its that much more entertaining. You'll learn.

    There's just something about John Cena and kids I guess. My son knows who he is and he doesn't even watch wrestling with me yet (I've tried). But he sees a likeness of John Cena and he knows who it is.
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  8. The kid apparently got some merchandise and was able to come backstage and meet a few of his "idols" on the roster.
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  9. Definitely going to cry if/when I go to a live event then.
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  10. Most likely SEVERAL hundreds of kids are going to try this same tactic, that kid was pretty lucky to be sitting right behind where Hunter had been ringside.
  11. Yeah why cry.... It's superman after all... Learn it now kid.... And get ready for roman superman
  12. If you ever see a 6ft 4 Man Crying His eyes out on the front row with short hair - That will be me.
    My Dream to Meet John Cena #NeverGiveUp :booker2::cry:
  13. What happened to when he fucked a dead woman? Now he's comforting kids?
  14. Attitude Era return confirmed
  15. Should have laughed at the kid's face and beat his dad up.
  16. So fucking weak. Fuck kids and fuck the WWE. I won't go on a "this is why wrestling sucks" rant, but it sort of exemplifies it perfectly.
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  17. You have less maturity than the kid it seems.

    Good for Trips. He's a dad, he gets it. It didn't make it on tv, he's still the super bad guy there.
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  18. :brockderp:
  19. Triple H Talks About Making Child Cry At RAW

    Source: http://www.wrestlinginc.com/wi/news/2015/0123/588789/triple-h-talks-about-making-child-cry-at-raw/
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