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  1. As we all know, Lesnar and Heyman challenged HHH to a Steel Cage match at Extreme Rules. This baffled many people, as we all thought that having a rematch at WM was already stretching the storyline more than necessary, but then they do it again for ER. First question, why? I particularly think this was to try to have a nice buyrate given that Rock will probably not perform at the PPV anymore, and also to keep some star power on TV since Punk isn't going to be around for a while. Second, what do you think of it? Like, dislike, don't care? For me it's an unnecessary match I've already seen just now that is a waste of part timers and Brock contract dates. And finally, steel cage match, why did they pick this particular stipulation? So HHH can job dirty to soften up the strike on his ego, for them to bleed, just for the match not to be the same again, what do you think? Discuss.
  2. Why? Because WWE is incompetent. I don't think anyone wants to see this, I won't be surprised if HHH gets boo'd this time. Also, what happened to CM Punk?
  3. A steel cage match is more interesting than what they did at WM, but it's still a stretch to have a match between them a third time. Also, by this point all they're really wrestling for is pride and that's not interesting when they're only part-timers and it's not going to evolve much from here. It's far too predictable to be of any interest anymore.
  4. BTW, Anyone notice a pattern here. WWE is just recycling old matches. Cena/Rock, HHH/Brock.
  5. Why? I'll try to interpret some actual logic into this illogical decision.

    HHH/Brock will draw somewhat. It will draw less than their Summerslam match, it will draw less than their Wrestlemania match, but it still is a somewhat "exciting" main event for the casuals. It's a big match, you can say that I guess. The Rock was obviously planned to be there, and without him, they needed to stretch this match for the buy rates. However, I honestly think this would have been planned anyway even if Rock was there, because they need the rubber match. Why? Because as Heyman rightly said, Brock still beat HHH cleanly, and HHH has simply evened the score.

    How do I feel about it? I've made it pretty clear, it's damn right stupid. Nobody cares about this match enough to make noise during it at Wrestlemania, so who cares about it at Extreme Rules? The match itself will be mediocre as well. They could have pulled something out of the bag to make up for the ridiculous Wrestlemania they gave us.

    Like Ryback/Punk wasn't reportedly planned, but happened because Cena was injured. Those two being put together gave us The Shield. Why not have something different happen to make the PPV somewhat exciting? That beats the recap matches.
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  6. I like the idea of a steel cage match but having a match for the third time in row really drives me up the wall
  7. Because one loss just isn't enough to convince us that Brock's Summerslam victory was a fluke, apparently.

    Other than wanting something to draw big in Rock's absence (don't know why the need to draw huge for Extreme Rules, it's not one of the bigger PPVs, and it usually draws average buys anyway, even with Lesnar/Cena last year), it's probably a way to jump start a feud between HHH and The Shield. They've already tried to attack HHH once, and they'll probably cost him the match this time around. The irony there is that while there's been interference in steel cage matches before, the reason they were actually invented in the first place was to prevent just that very thing (the escape rule wasn't added until later) but whatever. A steel cage match is arguably less violent than a non sanctioned match is, I'd have preferred a Last Man Standing match myself.

    This feud didn't need a rubber match at all, though. Neither does Rock/Cena, but this one needs it even less.
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  8. Kevin always helps my optimism :emoji_slight_smile:.
  9. Being the starting point for a useful HHH feud does sound pretty good. Let's hope so.
  10. yh i have seen it 2x beforeut i am still looking forward to it
  11. The steel-cage element is actually kind of interesting. Almost all the memorable spots from the first two matches were outside with kimura locks around the pole, or suplexes through tables, clotheslines over the barricades, Pedigrees on the steps (outside element, anyway)... The Steel Cage stip makes this match feel completely different.

    You guys know how little I care about this, but as you said before maybe it'll start another feud. Any way Punk could be back by then? Would be cool to see him determine the winner either way, either starting a feud with HHH to get his win back or turning on Brock... Oh, boy, the thought of a Punk vs Heyman back-and-forth promo segment...
  12. i heard punk is not returning for some time
    i hope it ends up

    brock spearing h into the wall causing the wall to collapse
  13. No. None of us have noticed. :mog:
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  14. From a Kayfabe point of view:

    Brock Lesnar is a seemingly unstoppable monster. Despite losing to Cena on his return, he destroyed Cena for 99% of that match, and was pissed when HHH didn't allow Brock to own Raw. Lesnar then provoked HHH by attacking Mr. McMahon, his father in law, and his best friend Shawn Michaels. Lesnar even broke HHH's arm. Now lets go ALLLLL the way back unto when Lesnar was on Raw in the Ruthless Aggression era. He never fought HHH for the World Heavyweight championship, instead he went to Smackdown, so the two never fought. Now, they meet at Summerslam, and Lesnar makes HHH tap out. Thus HHH felt humiliated and trains like Rocky for a rematch. They battle it out at Wrestlemania, and finally HHH evens the score. BUuuuuttttt that's it. Even. Lesnar is a monster, he doesn't WANT to be even, he wants to be on top, the monster, the God, and the King of kings. He doesn't like to be equal, thus wanting to beat HHH again.

    The way I see it:
    Lesnar leaves because no one can stop him(*coughCenaStillBeatYouDumbasscough*) and he felt like he was at the tip of the mountain, not beating the face of the company, but instead beating a out of shape 40 year old man. Lesnar comes back to save Heyman, and HHH wants a rematch. HHH had bought a new shovel, nice, with a chrome plating that had Lesnar's name on it. HHH digs a nice hole for Lesnar at a boring event, barely anybody will remember. HHH is not happy with this, because the hole was to small and LEsnar crawled out, so there's only one logical reason; bury him at another PPV, the same one he lost at his return last year. Not only will he get the main event and spotlight, but he got a crane and dug the biggest fuckin' hole you can dig, it's more wide then Kelly Kelly's vagina, and more deeper then Simba seeing Mufasa die.

    Of course it does seem logical form a kayfabe point of view, but I have no interest in it whatsoever, in matter of fact, I'm more interested in hearing Bret Hard talk about it.
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  15. Lesnar is following the one loss/ one win pattern, he jobs but then he wins and looks even stronger. He will dominate the match and hit a damn F5 to HHH to get the win. ( HHH will receive at least two to make him look strong)
  16. Ugh I really don't want to see this match again. The first time was alright, then they had it again and it just flat out stunk. Hopefully if they do have it again it's much better than the Mania match but other than that I really won't be interested in Brock/HHH 3.
  17. haymen is the only thing making this feud interesting just imagine this feud without him
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