HHH Brock promos prediction

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Victoria Justice, May 13, 2012.

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  1. Well we all know Brocks promo will be about breaking HHH arm but I predict hhh will return tommorow which he is tell the wwe universe that he invited brock back pretend to tell brock he fine and we need him back brock to say he wants his job back and hhh to hit a pedagree on him with a broken arm that's just me.
  2. HHH won't simply hit brock with a pedigree with a broken arm. How would that even work? Hey Brock look over there its paul heyman, *gets pedigreed*. He'll probably bring a sledge hammer to even the odds.
  3. We'll probably see HHH arguing with Heyman tomorrow.
  4. Lol the pedegree part is just a joke bro
  5. Heyman better shoot on Hunter's ass.
  6. Oh god I languish for that moment.
  7. Yeah, Brock isn't coming back yet. They won't waste any more of his limited number of dates if they don't have to, that's why they brought Paul Heyman back to speak for him.

    I'm looking forward to this promo between Triple H and Heyman.
  8. He'll probably be mad at Brock..

    Something like this: [​IMG]
  9. imagine if brock doesn't show up for the next 3 months. that would be like he really quit. plus it would give them 6 more appearances to use.
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