HHH Lesner Feud

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Victoria Justice, May 1, 2012.

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  1. HHH could feud with him when he returns what do you think
  2. That's probably what's going to happen, even though I don't want to see it.
  3. That would be a goood feud Leo
  4. It could be a nice feud, but I don't really see what's the use. Is it just so Lesnar can beat HHH and seem like a threat or something?
  5. No, I'd rather Mai Young feud with him.
  6. Re: RE: HHH Lesner Feud

    Could we really take HHH or Brock beating Mae seriously though?

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  7. You're right, she's a beast.
  8. The only guys H would let go over him at this point is Taker, Sheamus and Michaels if he ever made a in ring return. Of course Hunter has too stick his giant nose in the big feud of the summer. His ego wouldn't allow anything else.
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  9. The will mostly wait until No Way Out PPV as that is going to a Night of Cage matchest PPV and Brock fight in a Cage in UFC! So it kind make sens! And HHH have been in Hell in a the Cell a lot of time it could work. I think Brock will be out of WWE for the most part of the is month of May. Since he only is sopost to be on WWE TV 2 time a month he already been on Raw 3 time this month of April and 4 if you count the E.Rule PPV! So by him doing that that write off for the next month.

  10. Don't you get bored of posting that image every post?
  11. She kicked down Khali at SD..
  12. It's an absolute joke. HHH can't let any superstar get momentum without sticking his oversized schnoz in the middle of it. If Bryan continues to rise like he has been look for HHH to bury him sometime later this year or early '13
  13. Lesner? [​IMG]

    Could be a great match, especially if they go hardcore.
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  14. I know, he must have it constantly ready to paste :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
  15. [​IMG]

    Why this not a smilie yet?
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  16. Because noobs like Crayo run this place.[​IMG]

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  17. Testify, the man of a thousand faces strikes again.
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  18. I was going to add it but Testify destroyed my feelings. When he gracefully apologises it will be added.
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  19. Add it ! Add it! Add it!

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  20. Wrong thread bro. :ace:
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