Fast Lane HHH not defending the title at Fastlane

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Mr. Roman Empire, Feb 2, 2016.

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    It's seems apparent that HHH is gonna take the night off at Fastlane. What do you think of this? I personally don't like the fact that he's not competing and he will probably only compete in a match at Wrestlemania and then drop the belt and be done. It just seems like a weak title reign.

    There's a few options that they couldve had for this one chance to set up.

    HHH vs Aj Styles would of created a lot of hype. It would make sense witb HHH being one of the top dogs ever in WWE and AJ being a top dog pretty much everywhere else. And this would ultimately put HHH over more as a heel if he cheated to win so he wouldn't completely bury AJ.

    HHH vs Finn Balor just for the WWE title to see if Balor has what it takes. They could cross promote on NXT and Raw. Or it could even be a non title match but to see who gets all the bragging rights in a Champion vs Champion scenario would be sick.

    Or maybe an open challenge so he could have a "warm up match" to set an example to what he is gonna do to whoever he ends up facing at Wrestlemania with the possibility of somebody like Neville or Sami Zayn to get the oppurtunity, or even Somoa Joe to have his debut in the main roster.

    Or they could have Bray Wyatt vs Triple H in a match of just pure baddassery to give Wyatt a big rub before he faced Lesnar by making him look hella dominate against Triple H, only to lose by a sledgehammer to the dome.

    Hell I would even settle for Y2J for HHH for a good nostalgia match that we haven't seen in a long time and plus Y2J will put him over.
  2. I'm fine with Trips not competing till Mania. Kinda keeps him away from being added to the injured list.
  3. Lol its funny how injuries are just that bad now that it's not even worth risking 1 match for the possibility
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  4. I would have loved to have seen him defend the title at Fast Lane, but since it's the only other PPV from now till Wrestlemania, no biggie.

    If he had, then HHH vs Dean Ambrose would have been the way to go. The Rumble match came down to the two of them and booking your Intercontinental Champion against your world champion is always a good way of making the IC Title look like it matters as well, and we all know they'd have a damn good match. Hunter going over Reigns' Shield buddy directly ties into his rivalry with Roman himself as well.

    Elsewhere, Brock and Reigns could have squared off in a rematch and killed two birds with one stone by finishing what they started at last year's Wrestlemania while also deciding who deserves to headline against HHH this year at the biggest one of all time. However, a singles match between them at Fast Lane would have been problematic for a few reasons, namely the fact that there would be a collision of ideas between making Reigns look strong by defeating The Beast and making Brock look sympathetic by having the Wyatts screw him over again. Not to mention how unepic it would be to have Brock eat his first pinfall loss in three years (clean or not) on a PPV like Fast Lane.
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  5. Fast Lane is kinda becoming a non title match ppv, with RR now setting up stuff for mania nowadays
  6. I'm okay with Triple H not being involved in a match.. he'll find away to get involved in some form though I believe.
  7. I'm ok with the title not always being defended, but this is going to feel like a pointless title run when he drops it at WM (assuming).
  8. Elimination Chamber was the boss, seeing guys go through hell in the *lmao* steel */lmao* structure for the title felt so important and it's a crime that we haven't seen Lesnar fight in there yet. Fast Lane feels like just another stop to WM, while EC was another game changer.
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  9. Look at all the surprised looks, he is going to lose at WM to reigns, any of you fuckers wanna bet?
  10. LOL, of course HHH is dropping the belt at Mania. ^
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  11. Just read that AJ Styles wants to do a feud with Triple H. Fastlane would of been perfect man. I know it's kind of sudden, but it's better then AJ feuding with Jericho and The Miz while he has all this momentum. Also it would of put HHH over as a major heel, especially if he really screwed AJ out of a victory.
  12. No problem with me with HHH not defending at Fast Lane. It's only one PPV and he's obviously gonna lose it at WM. And if he did defend it, it would just be a filler where HHH would've won and then lost at Mania.

    He will get involved in the PPV somehow though. Maybe just as a spectator in the triple threat or he might try to get Reigns and Ambrose to turn on each other. Which they won't, they're best friends.
  13. With some things less is more.

    When it comes to your top title being defended, less is more. You want it to feel special. Do I want weekly WWE title matches on Raw? Fuck no. Monthy PPVs is perfect, but assuming the title misses some PPVs it is no big deal.

    Its the same with Brock Lesnar. People clamor for more, but less is best.

    Modern oversaturated WWE could use some pages from old school wrestling's book.
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  14. It doesn't matter.

    People seem to have a problem with the title not being defended every month, when in most promotions, that's not the case. Having the title defended ever so often if what's needed to make the title feel special. The title being defended at only the biggest of events and some in between, is a good way to build the title up and have it feel like it means something. Have the champion play puppet master, while champion. He should be scouting, and be shown watching each match. Have the champion fight, but it should be in a "ends justify the means" tactic. Have every match, interview, angle and appearance build to an eventual match. That gives the champion something to do, and gives much more meaning to the match.

    The big problem with that; however, is that the WWE and it's fans alike are so accustomed to booking and expecting title matches, every month. I can't really see what a champion could be doing, every month if he isn't defending the championship. The over-saturation of the championship has kind of trapped the WWE into a corner. The only thing I see is taking part in micro-feuds until the championship match happens. Much like Cena before his match with The Rock at WM28. But that probably won't go over too well.
  15. That would be a horrible idea. Having two of the biggest stars in wrestling, fight the month before a WrestleMania? That's heat suicide. AJ Styles needs to start off small, and build up. Going after the biggest fish never works. He needs to be proven to the casual wrestling fan before making his way to feuding with Triple H, at a C PPV.

    I don't know in what way you think that would of been "perfect." I can only assume you figured Sting vs. Triple H at TLC 2014, was also a good idea.
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  16. AJ styles vs HHH would of been more entertaining than this lukewarm feud he is having with Jericho. At least AJ's first defeat could of been against HHH for the title on a PPV instead of Y2J on a episode of Smackdown. And I don't get why this would HAVE to be a Wrestlemania matcg either. They already have a bigger main event for Fastlane then they are planning for Mania (HHH vs Reigns). Plus I definitely think it's dumb to have Triple H win the title, not compete in 1 big match where he goes over, and then just drop the belt at Mania. It looks so weak. And actually yeah Sting vs HHH probably should of happened at TLC because their match was fuckin shitty anyways, Taker vs Sting would of been better.
  17. I never said this has to be a WrestleMania event. My point being, that having a sudden feud between the two biggest stars in the industry, right now, would be stupid. It has no rational purpose. There's no background or basis, justifying nothing. Not to mention having AJ Styles (a relative nobody to a casual WWE fan) lose to Triple H (a legend to a casual WWE fan) would just make him look weak. It will nail a tombstone on his WWE run, before anything even happened. I strongly disagree with AJ Styles loss to Chris Jericho, but that's a safer bet to lose to. Daniel Bryan had his first loss to Chris Jericho, and it made little impact on his run. Coming in as a "big signing" but losing to an established legend, has never worked. Look at Curtis Axel: He came in with hype, and got a not-so convincing win on Triple H, and was pushed to Superstars by the end of the year.

    Also lol @ you saying Sting "The man who nearly coughs up his lungs, in every match" vs. Undertaker "The man who nearly died the year prior" would've been better than him facing Triple H. Yeah their match sucked, but having Sting vs. The Undertaker wouldn't have been worse.
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