HHH on scripted television and WWE characters

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Jose Tortilla, Jul 22, 2012.

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    Good read, interesting.
  2. That was an interesting read actually. I think WWE will be a better place with him in charge.

    Question though: If you are meant to be pushing whoever is over, why is Daniel Bryan not the WWE champion?

    Oh and on a side note that fan's statement makes me want to hit my head repeatedly off a wall.
  3. WWE's creative is jelly on faces, because they will get the fans to the shows.
    Faces as champs will be safe for them.
  4. Thanks for sharing that with us Jose, seems like a good read, I think once Triple H gains control (Which I think will happen) WWE is going to change for the better, In his interviews, and in rumors on the net, it seems he's implementing his own changes which sound very good for the company.
  5. Then why ain't Ryder Us champ or A-Ry IC champ :haha: Good read, read it earlier but never posted it.
  6. In time. In time. Changes will come, for everyone. :flair:
  7. omg pg sucks
  8. Lol this.

    They listen to the fans when it suits them too. If they listened to the fans we wouldn't have Tensai, over pushed ADR, Big Show and the like.
  9. This noob clearly missed the sarcasm/joke.
  10. is not a nice person
  11. You high? I said "this". Noob.
  12. ...........Yes......
  13. Nice read. Listening to the fans is sort of vague since we have guys being pushed when they shouldn't but it happens somewhat. I'm sure there are a few guys who would benefit from having a gimmick more similar to their persona.
  14. Interesting read this, the one thing I slightly disagree with though is the PG Era, personally I thought the Attitude Era was brilliant and today's PG era isn't a patch on what it used to be, they say it's to make it more family friendly but when I was a kid, and I probably speak for most here our parents wasn't bothered about use watching it during that era.

    Is just today's world with everything takes everything way way out of proportion.
  15. What about the politics in the wwe that remains silent in every interview
  16. Nice read.

    Can't wait for HHH to gain control over the WWE, I think he will make many changes of the better when he does.
  17. hhh will make hornswoggle wwe champion
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