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  1. I still think we're likely getting the expected result (Cena grabbing the WWE Title, Orton grabbing the World Heavyweight Championship) but I'm hoping they go ahead with unifying the titles and be done with it already. I think a cool finish would be teasing this ending happening for real by having them fall off the ladder, each holding a different championship (the opposite of the ones they currently possess, as predicted) but instead of the match ending there, it continues until one of them gets a hold of the other title and has both in their possession. I know it sounds silly perhaps, but it would all be very spur of the moment when it happens. (I can't recall the specific match, but there was a ladder match once that ended this way, where both guys fell off the ladder and the title fell to the mat with them, but neither one was holding it when it fell and the match only ended when one of them got to it first.) Anyway, once they're both on the mat, Orton tries to hit Cena with his title, but then Cena ducks and catches him in a AA, but Orton gets out of it and hits the RKO on one (or both) of the belts, then picks up both and is declared the winner and undisputed champion. Kind of a clean victory for Orton, but I'd like it.
  2. Is it weird I cant see any of the talked about outcomes working out well? I am excited to see it happen.Cena has been great matchwise since back, even if it ends the same as always. I have to give ADR credit, but that's as far as that goes, i'm really hoping they bring him back at RR (it will be awesome for most of the big names to be returning superstars)

    Orton has been a horrible champ, so far, I just wonder how it goes after TLC.
  3. Well, this is based off WWE.com so it's HHH in kayfabe talking there, so it doesn't really kill the possibility that they'll just swap belts or something.
  4. IMO I really do not want to see a Unification match. Sure, the WHC doesn't mean anything unless Cena is holding it, but what happens to guys like Ziggler, Sandow, Cesaro, ADR, etc. now that the WHC won't be around anymore?
  5. If its another crappy end to a PPV again with them both retaining after all the crap endings recently I'll cry. Seriously I hope they swerve us and unify them but I doubt it so I'm gonna go buy my kleenex man sized tissues now.
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  6. I love how HHH snuck himself in the list of the greatest world champions. It's all about the game, and how you brag it.
  7. There hasn't been a clean ending to a PPV since Payback, Don't expect this to be one.
  8. The Intercontinental Title?

    I know the belt has lost nearly all its meaning over the years but with the WHC gone, it automatically becomes the #2 belt again and they can always build it back up. And it wouldn't be hard to do so either, just showcase it as a championship worth fighting over (there's been plenty of former IC champs who ended up winning the world title, so there's plenty of rich history to the belt) and give it to some former world champions (mainly holders of the WHC) like Ziggler or Sheamus or even ADR and people will see it as an important title again. Hell, before Randy Orton made it back to the main event scene, I thought he would have been a good choice to become IC Champion, even.

    There was a time when IC Title feuds (Warrior/Rude, Rock/HHH, etc.) were treated almost as important as the world title feuds. It can always be that way again.
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  9. I hope it can be treated that way again. Big E's good.
    I just feel it's been a cycle with the IC and US title over the years. People think guys like Cesaro, Ambrose, Barrett, etc. would elevate the belts status only for them to drop it to Kofi Kingston after a while. It might be just me, but I always feel it ends up in Kingston's hands all the time or someone completely worthless like that. I may have worded some of that wrong but I hope you catch my drift.
  10. I won`t like the unification,They should ,at least, put this match at Wrestlemania, but not at TLC, But, if that is whats best for business .....
  11. Seeing the IC title elevated to #2 status would be great. Then the US belt can be an actual midcard title (not that I trust them to do this right but still, who knows).
  12. Cena will get the win. NO DOUBT BOUT THAT!
  13. If they do go through with this unification, regardless of who wins, I won't care. I'm just glad to get both world titles down to one, since it is a mess to call two people the best and world champions, when in my opinion there should only be one. With the brand split it was understandable to have two, since they were the top of the brands, but now with no brand split, there's no reason really to have two world titles.
  14. Here's what's gonna happen; Cena & Orton come out swinging with everything they've got. They batter each other into a bloody mess; Triple H comes out and says the belts are now up for grabs, Everyone in the WWE comes into the ring and starts fighting. Triple H, Steph, and Kane sit at the end of the runway, eating popcorn and laughing at the spectacle in the ring. Several minutes later, all is quiet in the ring. Triple H goes into the ring and lifts both belts. Shouting, "It's best for business!," Triple H puts both belts on. Suddenly, Vince McMahon comes out on stage and shouts "Triple H- You're fired!" Triple H goes over to Vince and knees him in the groin. Vince doubles over. Tripple H laughs at Vince and then at the crowd. The crowd becomes quiet. Triple H starts to yell at the crowd. The crowd yells back. Secuirty comes out and puts Triple H in a straight jacket and carts him off. Next week, TNA debuts in this time slot. Have a great week :-)
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