HHH says Randy Orton is A+ WTF

Discussion in 'RAW' started by BrockLesnarFanForLife, Aug 25, 2013.

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  1. HHH says Randy Orton is A+ in that promo on Raw WTF Randy Orton is dull as dish water. Daniel Bryan is A+ and HHH. Vince, Stephanie know it fuck them three assholes
  2. I love your sig.

    Google it.

    Orton is a great in ring worker and his heel promos are okay.

    Note: Orton is dull but Lesnar and KK aren't :pity1:
  4. Lesnar beating the shit out of people definitely isn't dull, and his :pipebomb: that shit on Punk > any Orton promo in recent years. Just sayin'
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  5. Adam Aries you clearly are not watching the same show as me as Randy Orton is dull. My man Brock is fucking incredible and he could easily beat the shit out of Randy and leave him a bloody mess. Barbie Blank aka Kelly Kelly will foever be known as one of the greatest divas in WWE history WWE still mention her in articles that are on their website. She went from being just a model to a fully trained womens wrestler and she was the most popular diva ever and she stayed over with the fans throughout her 6 year career. And Deth totally agree with you on what you say
  6. Orton is awesome, He isnt dull at all. This corporation feud is gold, Kelly Kelly will forever be know as a slut who cant wrestle for shit, She is over? Look at Bryan and tell me KK was over. Trish > KK, Lita > KK, AJ > KK and the list goes on but thats another argument. Yes I was wrong about Lesnar being dull but he isnt that great in the ring and is a pile of steaming shit on the mic. Yes Orton's mic skills aren't great but at least he is better than Lesnar, Theres a reason Lesnar has Paul Heyman.
  7. Guys let me refresh you all on Randy Orton's GOAT promos of all time
    Show Spoiler

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  8. Let's be honest here,Triple H is the only A+ in this whole thing.
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  9. Stopspot - thank you so much for posting that clip of Randy forgetting his lines lol that right there just shows what a dull fuck up he is

    Adam - Randy is not gold never will be and lets face it he only got into WWE cos of his father if it werent for his family connection he would be a jobber and thats a fact. Kelly Kelly is not a slut and she can wrestle shes put on many amazing matches in her 6 year career so just accept that. Kelly Kelly was over with the fans just listen to the reaction she got and compare it to other divas reaction it doesnt compare. Kelly Kelly >>> Trish/Lita/AJ/Melina/Michelle McCool/Eve/Kaitlyn/Alicia/Natalya/Beth/Bella twins I could go on but you get what im saying. Brock Lesnar is an incredible athlete something WWE hasent had before. Whether it be in the ring or the octagon Brock would own that person. Brock has some mic skills but Paul Heyman has more experience on the mic and knows how to work it and he is the best person to promote Brock. Randy is boring on the mic that monotone voice just annoys me

    Shadoxicity - you are fucking kidding me right? HHH isnt A+ hes only where he is today cos he shagged and married Stephanie if she wasent around HHH would be jobbing or mid carding
  10. Randy has better in ring skills than Brock has wins in WWE. Okay link me one GOOD match for KK and I will link you 2 better ones.
  11. I wish Kelly Kelly was WWE Champion instead of Orton :emoji_slight_smile:
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  12. Brock won loads in his first run in WWE. Where was Randy when Brock was around oh thats right he wasent

    Kelly Kelly matches notice the reactions she gets, the great wrestling skills. No diva can ever compare to her

  13. .....Yea, you go girl.
  14. By the way, Randy Orton is A++
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  15. Randy is not an A+ or an A++
  16. Actually, Orton debut before Brock so proved you wrong there, Reaction: THE CROWD GOES MILD! OH BAW GAWD ITS A MEDIOCRE REACTION IN HERE! THE ROOF IS MAKING INCHES OF MOVEMENT FOLKS!, Wrestling skill? I see someone who looks like they have had 8 months of training and has been rushed. She is and always will be a horrible wrestler, Even watch as she runs the ropes she makes it look bad.

    Let me ask you this, If Kelly Kelly is better than Trish, Why isnt KK in the Hall Of Fame? Why hasnt KK Main Evented Raw? Why isnt KK as respected and loved by just about everyone?

    Trish Stratus is one of the best womens wrestlers there has ever been, And others up there are Sara Del Rey and Lita. You even saying KK is on par with them is insulting to them and womens wrestling as a whole.

  17. Randy may of been on the roster before Brock but Brock over took Randy so fast and was at the top as champion
    Reactions for Kelly Kelly was loud not mild. Clearly you dont know that Kelly Kelly was put on the main roster within a month of being signed she was doing main roster shows as well as training while on the road so she didnt development time like other divas did but really Kelly Kelly proved to be a great womens wrestler considering she learnt everything on the road. Come on Trish was clumsy in the ring when she was hired it took her a while to be alot better in the ring you have to admit that. Sara Del Rey isnt even a womens wrestler in WWE shes a trainer and shes likely to stay like that so really I cant compare her to anyone. Kelly Kelly is respected by everyone in WWE. I think Kelly Kelly will be in the hall of fame in the future
  18. Respected as the best cock sucker in the world.

    Trish clumsy? Bullshit. She is one of the best. No one respects Sluty Whorey and why would they, Trish took longer time to train? Maybe because she wanted to be a wrestler and took the time to perfect her craft?. Trish wasn't even trained by WWE. She wanted to be a wrestler since she was a child so she did not take longer so dont even lie to try and prove your point. Loud? I had headphones on and volume to the max and it was barely topping mild. She was working the main roster? What was she doing again? Oh yeah,Stripping on a stage and letting fans take her clothes off. Sara Del Rey is a trainer because she is one of the best and WWE want women's wrestling to become more respected as an actual thing so that when they train people like JoJo and Eva Marie that they are good wrestlers and not another kelly kelly. Kelly Kelly wont even come close to be considered for the hall of fame, She is a joke to women's wrestling and you know it. You linked a couple of shitty KK matches well I linked a lot of awesome ones all better than any KK match ever.
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  19. [​IMG]
    OMG CM STOLE RYDERS GIMMICK! HE SHOULD SUE THAT POSER! is my expectation for your next thread.
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  20. dat rollup
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