WrestleMania HHH Suffers 2nd Degree Burns

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  1. Triple H revealed on Twitter that he suffered second degree burns from some dry ice that got on him during his match. Here is a photo of the burns.


    Ouch :urm:
  2. Cesaro's leg! :fap: :fap: :fap:
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  3. Is is weird that i'm Slicking at this picture? 0.0
  4. How the fuck did he get that stuff on him anyway?
  5. You can clearly see it in his entrance at WM that there was white stuff on his body, just watch it again and look at his body when he was on his way to the ring, I remember that I wondered what that was until he washed it up when he made his famous "water spit" .
  6. I thought that was talc lol.

    Why dry ice?
  7. Probably used to make the smoke.
  8. Slicking. Jesus. Yikes.
  9. That may hurt... But now I see he's letting grow his chest hair, like Steph likes a man LOL
  10. Yes.
  11. I got my finger stuck to dry ice once. Fuck that shit
  12. That's why he didn't take off his shirt at sd :isee:
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