HHH talks about AE and Steph

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  1. A big log? Oh HHH, will you ever grow up? :pity:
  2. "Stephanie McMahon stated that Triple H "almost defined the Attitude Era." Triple H discussed his wife watching his matches." :haha:

    Triple H was a top heel no doubt but to say that he almost defined the era is a bit of a stretch. Besides McMahon was the biggest heel of that era anyway.
  3. In a way, he kinda did embody a lot of the defining traits of the Attitude Era. The stuff he and Michaels did when they formed DX and things he would later do when he was leading the group himself (like 'pissing' on the crowd) embodied the spirit of the AE as far as being rebellious, being raunchy, pushing the envelope to see what they could get away with it, etc. He also defined what a top heel should be. His Cerebral Assassin/The Game gimmick (complete with leather jacket and all) had bad ass and thus "attitude" written all over it. He was the top heel in 2000, when the company was doing it's best number ever (that isn't all down to him, just saying.)

    As for it being a 'big log' that keep the relationship going - I say keep that log burning by any means necessary, because the last thing any of us want is something happening between them and Stephanie being left to command the ship herself. This is the same woman who was said to pat herself on the back last year for coming up with the Kane/Eve/Ryder/Cena storyline (which drew the lowest rated Raw segment in 15 years) and who also once compared the 9/11 attacks to the government trying to send Vince to jail for LEGITIMATE steroid charges.
  4. Here's hoping that if Steph and Trips ever separate Trips gets custody of Vince and the E.
  5. The best hope in that case is that Shane makes an unexpected return to help Stephanie lead the company so it won't all be on her. It's been said for years that Shane has the brains to do the best job (perhaps even better than Triple H, although it's almost impossible to compare and quantify) to run it himself when Vince steps down. He's proven he's capable by going off and doing his own thing already.
  6. I agree, he kind of did define AE. When I think of AE he's one of the guys I think of. And lol at "Big Log" :robbie:
  7. Big log :lol1:
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