HHH vs Brock could happen at No Way Out.

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, May 14, 2012.

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    Not again WWE, not again -.-
  2. They should just do it at Over the Limit. Have HHH in a cast or some shit, and get it over with.
  3. If Brock goes over then sure.
  4. I heard they might be planning Orton Vs. Lesnar for Summerslam so that's probably why.
  5. To be honest I think that was either scrapped or bullshit. If it is true then Lesnar is surely going over HHH.
  6. What are they doing 'again'? :tagteammatch:
  7. I hope so the main event at SummerSlam Should be CM Punk Best Wrestler in the World and WWE Champion vs. The BADES Son of U know what Fighter in the World for the WWE Champion! Vince Give CM Punk his FUCKIN MAIN EVENT! AND STOP DICK!

  8. Whether he goes over or not the match is inevitable.. I wish they would just get it over with so Brock can move on to something more worthwhile


    The only three fuckers in the WWE who DON'T need to go over Brock are Cena, HHH, & Orton. So what does WWE do? Put those 3 fucks over Brock.

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  9. Rushing matches and having no build.


    They rush these big main events because they're panicking for buys.
  10. I don't think rushing matches is a good idea, but I don't know. I think Lesnar will go over HHH whenever they fight.
  11. HHH? Losing? Cleanly?

  12. Amen to that, brother!

    They just saw TNA make a huge star out of Austin Aries at Sacrifice by putting him over Bully... Wouldn't Punk over Brock do the same thing?
  13. Orton would be far too much of a pussy to go in the ring with Bork, he'd get killed.
  14. They should just scrap the idea good build or not I will rage at my tv when I see Brock VS Triple H. Brock came back and has had no wins or anything going for him it seems. Same thing they did to f*ckin Jericho. Jericho better be world champion this sunday.
  15. Lol Jericho will not win the SD title brother.
  16. HHH won't lose cleanly to Lesnar, that is obvious. There will be some distraction or similar.
  17. WWE should stop messing about and make it official when Brock vs HHH will happen
  18. I like the idea of Brock/HHH, just don't like what my gut is telling me about the outcome (HHH going over.) Otherwise, it could be a pretty intense feud and a great match, of course.

    I guess they're thinking about doing it at No Way Out because they figure they can only build it up so much with only Heyman there to speak for Brock, without having Lesnar actually there in the flesh.
  19. I'm actually looking forward to this match.
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