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  1. So for the past couple of years I have had mixed feelings on the Undertaker. In my mind Shawn Michaels is the best EVER and he should have beaten the Undertaker the first and second time, but that has nothing to do with my opinion of the Undertaker. When HHH said that he didn't want to face Taker because he felt bad for him, I agreed. I mean don't get me wrong I am a fan of Taker, I respect him, and acknowledge that he is one of the best ever but the past couple of years have just gotten sad. I mean it has gotten to the point where the minute he gets tapped in the leg he can't walk the rest of the match and then it just gets sadder and sadder and the match drags on; then, after Mania, he dissapears for a year to heal and get prepared for one match and then dissapear again. I don't know if it's him or the WWE but it's at the point where he needs to just hang it up. His first match with HBK was awesome one of the best ever...Round 2 looked almost like watching a rerun of the first match...finally Taker vs HHH, after watching it a second time I noticed that while the beginning of the match was very exciting and action packed the rest of the match went very slow and there was a lot of resting and breath catching. The second issue I have with this match is the fact that back in the day the announcement of Hell In A Cell was awesome and very exciting but now-a-days it really doesn't mean anything. All the hell in a cell matches in about the past 5 or 6 years have pretty much been regular matches with the cell around them. Now I'm not asking for blood everywhere and neither one of them being able to walk at the end of it but that doesn't mean they don't get violent and star using weapons or the cell as a weapon. But then again who knows how this match will go, simply because the two men who are in it are The Undertaker and HHH, two of the biggest superstars from the attitude era.
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    Spoiled the show in the title.....
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    To be honest I'm glad he's forcing himself up to 20-0, that'll be a great number to retire on. I disagree that HBK should of ended it and I strongly feel HHH should not get another match against Undertaker. They've faced twice already, what does HHH ending the streak do? Nothing, it literally affects nothing. If the streak is ever to be beaten, it should be against someone relatively young so it can make their career epic.

    I feel he should of missed this Wrestlemania, then return next year and say he's finished now, if HHH can't beat the streak then there's no one left to challenge it, then Cena comes out. 20-0 ends with Taker beating Cena and retiring with an unbeaten streak.Will be an amazing encounter.

    I agree that HIAC is grossly overused now since it became a gimmick PPV, it has lost its edge. The sad thing is, I can see HHH beating Undertaker this year. HHH is very egotistical outside of WWE and if there's something in WWE he hasn't beaten, he'll make sure he gets his way and bury the hell out of it.
  4. Well, surely even the egotistical Triple H has enough respect for Undertaker not to take the streak just to feed his ego. Besides, Taker has creative control over the streak and if he doesn't want it to end to Triple H, it won't. I think this will be Taker's last match and then he'll retire at 20-0.
  5. This is HHH remember, it was just last year he buried the whole roster (twice).
  6. I just fucking love they will fight inside the Cell. Fuck The Cock vs. Cenah, Taker/Trips is the match to die for.
  7. Undertaker WILL WIN AT WM28! But will NOT retire after the match! He will come back and wrestler more think HHH said he does not when to face him b/c he want to be still with WWE to carry the next young superstar!
  8. He'll never be a week by week wrestler again, he'll be strictly WM now.
  9. I think Taker is gonna win this year, retire, and be in hall of fame either next year or the foloowing year

  10. Like op pointed out, Hell in a Cell matches arent anything spectacular since the introduction of pg, they are just normal matches with a steel cage around it. No u wouldnt be able to see hhh being chokeslammed on pins. No u wont be able to see Mick Foley falling off from the top of the cage all the way through the announce table, and still getting up to fight. No u wont be able to see undertaker smashing the hell out of oppenent with steel chairs, no u wont be able to see hhh using the sledge hammer (the match vs nash was an exception) No u wouldnt be able to see wrestlers fighting on with a busted face. It will just be a normal match with a steel cage around it.

    I dont think anything beats the Rock vs Cena attraction this year. Getting to see the rock wrestle 1 on 1 after seven fucking years whooo electryfying.
  11. I agree with The Rock vs Cena being the main attraction, even if their feud so far has been pretty lame most of us still will be at the edge of our seats for their match.
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