Hi all!

Discussion in 'The Ramp' started by NW1989, Jan 7, 2012.

  1. Hello to all members, I have just signed up
    I am Nick, a huge smarty with all WWE, I go all the televised UK shows and have done since Nov 2008
    I generally like the heel characters and prefer something new from superstars every few weeks, which would explain why I absolutely can't stand John Cena
    A massive follower for the UK originated superstars...Wade Barrett, Sheamus, Drew McIntyre, even find myself enjoying NXT when Regal is doing commentary
    HBK was / is my top superstar
    ALSO REALLY not interested in TNA

    Outside WWE im a massive sports geek!
    I'm a MUFC season ticket holder,
    Go to many super league games, and rugby union,
    I follow the NFL and a massive fan of the cowboys!

    Play on XBOX LIVE aswell, so if any other members are on live then give me a shout,
    Can NOT stand war games though!
  2. Absolutely great introduction. Is that you at a RAW event in your avatar? Nice.

    I'm also a huge MUFC fan, and Wade Barrett + Regal fan. Not a season-ticket holder since I live in Cornwall but been to many games. If you play Fifa you're the perfect member :lol:

    Welcome to the site, thanks for joining and hope you stick around.
  3. Hi NW1989!
    Enjoy your stay and PM me if you need any help at all! :emoji_slight_smile:
  4. Welcome to the forum pal. Hope to see you around. Good to see some love for Regal's commentary also hopefully he goes to Raw soon.
  5. Cheers guys...yes Crayo that's me outside the O2 last April when they did RAW
    Huuuge FIFA player! So add me
    Ta for the shout Jonathan...
  6. Will add you when I'm on later. Got no headset. Ultimate team or just a random match? :emoji_slight_smile:

    And nice man, I tried to get tickets to that exact showing but they were sold out by the time I convinced work to give me time off.
  7. Welcome to WWEforums mate.
    I'm a huge fan of 'UFC' but that's irrelevant. :emoji_slight_smile:
  8. Well I don't do ultimate team but a random match 20 min half some day would be good haha...
    I ring the arena's up the day they go on sale and just tell my boss I'm off work them dates. Sounds extreme but a live event is awesome even if it is trash when you review it on tv.
  9. Might have to do this, any idea when the next one is? I could probably check I'm just lazy.

    20 minute halfs? I'm predicting a 20-0 score-line :lol:
  10. 20-0 to me yeah? :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
    The next one is at the O2 in April, tickets are Probably limited now but you can try ring them and say you can't access high seats etc...
    After that it will be in November no doubt, has been since 2008.
  11. Haha undefeated boy :emoji_wink:.

    Won't be able to attend April one, but will look ahead for November definitely. Thanks :emoji_wink:.
  12. Welcome to the site, got any favourite superstars?
  13. You forgot the period after "I have just signed up", but nice to meet you and enjoy you're stay.
    Also I've got Xbox Live.
  14. Undefeated in how many games Crayo? I made it to 12 unbeaten...

    Sage: thanks, yeah as I said my favourites are the UK originated superstars, Regal on commentary is genius, finally glad to see Drew getting his push again, my favourite all time is HBK,
    Can't stand Cena, Air-Boom, Big Show, Henry they bring absolutely nothing new to content whatsoever.

    Thanks also CM, what games do you play?
  15. Online undefeated in over 50.

    Ultimate team I've got a record of:

    W D L
    170 0 45

    Fifa nerd :emoji_heart:.
  16. Welcome to the forums man, Hope you enjoy your stay on WF