Hi Folks, How You All Doing This Evening/Today..Etc?

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Nice Person, Oct 15, 2013.

  1. Like the Thread title says, asking how you folks are doing this evening, etc.... Myself, I'm doing ok. Hope the World is treating *you* ok as well. :-)
  2. I'm fat
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  3. :steiner:

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  5. Happy that I'm not a window.
  6. I'm doing great! Me and littler AJ were playing minecraft before, and I had a great conversation with my AJ spider necklace at lunch earlier today. ^_^
  7. How many friends do you have at school.
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  8. More than 10. :/

    They're my friends because they're good people who have learned to accept the fact that I'm a huge AJ fan. Do they get annoyed with me because I talk about her all day long??? Yes. But they can tolerate it, unlike most of the people on here.
  9. Nice
  10. You probably had like, what, 50 or more friends at school???
  11. 2 cool 4 skool ofc
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  12. This actually isn't sarcasm at all, I'm taking a guess.
  13. You had to go to school, aren't you like a................ummm...........computer.....person....??? What was your job called again???
  14. I dropped out of h.s. got my GED and went to college. I never told you my job
  15. Oh, ok.

    And you did tell me your job. You even posted it in your profile.
  16. faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaantastic. It's already going to be Wednesday, weekend is inching closer, the tears of joy fall <3
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  17. I'm really a girl and work at a brothel. AJ Lee is my pimp
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  19. If you're going to say stupid shit like that, don't wrongfully involve AJ in it.
  20. I think i'll carry on doing what I like, thank you.
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