Hi guys! Anyone remember me?

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by William, Mar 25, 2016.

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  1. Hi guys, used to be an active member on here a few years ago I remember watching ppv's and discussing in the PPV's thread with Crayo and DolphZiggler just to name a few, unfortunately I don't remember everyone but I'm sure once I see your name it'll come back to me who you are if I know you.

    Just dropping in anyway to say hi and see how everyone is going? The site appears to have come a long way since a few years ago, hopefully it's still as active.
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  2. Hey dude, welcome back!
    Plenty of activity here. So, you still into wrestling?
  3. Yes still very much a fan of wrestling not a big follower of WWE anymore though to be honest, I'll watch the YT clips for Raw and that's about it. Mania is looking a bit iffy at the moment and doesn't appear like it'll be anything amazing unfortunately, extremely keen for the Shane'o Mac vs Taker in HIAC though
  4. Same here, I try to stay interested but they don't make it easy.
  5. Watch Lucha Underground
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  6. I don't think I remember you, buddy. But, welcome back. Hope you stick around!
  7. I was before your time noob

    Been recommended it many times, only ever watched a few matches on YouTube though never really got into it and don't much have the time to get invested in a new wrestling program at the moment.
  8. Well, I figured as much.
  9. I remember you :jeritroll:

    Welcome back Amigo
  10. yeah i remember you.
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