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Discussion in 'The Ramp' started by Super Saiyan Goku, Aug 9, 2016.

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  1. So it been ALONG time since I really been here... And I mostly not going be here that much... But I wanted to sorry to anyone that got piss at me for what I did years ago... I acted like a real dick back then and look at comments it really show... So I really just wanted to started over thanks...​

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  2. #SaveUsGohan2016

    Welcome back bud. :obama:
  3. Good on you, for setting the record straight. Everyone grows up, and mistakes are made. Takes a lot of guts to put it behind, and ask for forgiveness. Much respect.

    I never had any beef or resentment for you, nor do I think anyone else did.
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  4. I think some did lol... I wish I could get rid of all my old posts...
  5. I don't really know you or what the problem was, but there is nothing in this world I respect more than someone who can apologize for something that they did was wrong. welcome back :emoji_slight_smile:
  6. There's always that feeling. I'm sure I've rubbed people the wrong way, and I did a lot of stupid shit. But the best thing to do is just grow up and move on.
  7. Gohan a lot of people loved you on here. I am sure you will be welcomed back.
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  8. Exactly.

    We have an IWT match named after you. lol. Don't think anyone hated you at all.
  9. I don't think so... I seen the meme on me made...
  10. That isn't out of hate. People found a lot of what you said and done hilarious. Like comedy. We still all use your phrases. Trust me, the picking that people do is out of love for you, not hate.
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  11. This. :true:
    We've missed having you around here, buddy. We all pick at each other out of love.
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  12. Holy shit Gohan! What a surprise bro, we never had much conversation back in the day but it's dope to see you back man. True legend.
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  13. Yeah, most of the hate gets thrown towards Preship these days. It's pretty messed up. Welcome back though, Gohan.
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  14. smh lmao i respect the dedication
  15. Welcome back, dude.

    I don't know you much, but hey, admitting your own mistakes and apologizing for 'em makes you a-okay in my book.
  16. G.O.A.T
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  17. Welcome back old boy.

    Good to have you back

    :pipebomb:'s for days
  18. That was one dude being mean. If it ever happens again, you press the report button and me, @Solidus @Solid Snake or any of the mods will take care of it for you. Promise
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  19. People have done this to almost anyone who has shared pictures (I have been photo-shopped into things as well). If you ever feel it crosses the line, just say tell one of the admins or report it.
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