Hi, I am Justus Salem

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  1. Hi, I am JustusSalem, Justus, Sale, or whatever you wanna call me. Some, or even many of you, may remember me by the name of Elder Tesla, A Man Called Crow, etc. I know many of those who remember me from the other know I burned a lot of bridges and lost some good friends, but I have changed from that and I hope some of you guys will oversee that.

    I found this website through Google and decided why not to join since I have gotten back into watching wrestling, tough mainly Indy.

    I have become obsessed with Langauge and I will soon be taking a class in Latin. I'm also a huge fan of Horror movies, Music (mainly Metal and Death/hardcore Hip-Hop), Anime, Manga, and anything having to do with Halloween.

    I hope my experience on this forum will be better than my last.
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  2. Ah yes another TWF Refugee, Brother Salem...I knew you'd come...welcome to the forums!
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  3. Welcome a-board the crazy train! :happy:

    Welcome back to the internetz.
  5. Thanks and how could have you known I would come here.
    Thanks and is the Crazy Train like the Hype Train.
    Doc Hex, that is a name I forgot to add to the list. Also, how did you know that? I never left the internet just left forums for about a year, but thanks.
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  6. he was CanadianR on TWF.
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  7. Ah, thanks for telling me.
  8. Welcome to WWEF.
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  9. Niiiice.
    Welcome :deth: .
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  10. Ah yes remember this lad from TWF haha good times I had with him. Cool he likes metal though. Can listen to some Slayer, maybe even some Nu Metal, some Linkin Park, even some Puddle of Mudd and Incubus! That's what Plug. Dj is for!
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  11. We're better than most countries at the rate we're picking up all these TWF refugees haha

    welcome my brother
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  12. ...what do you mean by hardcore hip hop?
  13. Hip-hop that is anger, aggression, and confrontation like DMX, Kool G Rap, AOTP, Vinnie Paz, Ill Bill, Necro, Jedi Mind Tricks, Big L, Public Enemy, Wu-Tang, and a couple more. Hardcore hip-hop can also include Gangsta Rap, Horrorcore, and Mafioso Rap
  14. Welcome, indeed. :deth:
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  15. I read Salami, disappointed. Feel free to stay with Roadie in his refugee tent.
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  16. Hey there goodbrother. Welcome to the other side of the fence.
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