Hi my name is Jonathan and I...

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Crayo, Nov 11, 2013.

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  1. Finish off the sentence.
  2. I download celebrity sex tapes
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  3. 'm from west sunderland, born and raised
    inside my basement was where I spent most of my days
    eating all the meat pies and staying off school
    I just raided in WoW which was much more cool.
    Then a couple of trolls were up to no good,
    hiding in the shadows stealing all they could.
    I got in one little brawl and my account was banned
    this is the story of a fat kid growing up in sunderland

    I asked on IRC but they just called me a queer
    saying I shouldn't have raided in a twenty-three tier
    I tried to tell them all the loot was rare
    but I thought "nah, forget it, the permban was there."

    So I started again, farmed level 7 or 8
    but they just trolled me again and I just took the bait
    back in twenty-three tier,
    once again I was banned,
    this is the story of a fat kid growing up in sunderland
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  4. Incredible. (Coon is! Not you jono)
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  5. Coon that was fucking insane
  6. 'm a wanker
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  7. This is going to be one of those threads that will be bumped months from now, and no one will complain.

    Hi, my name is Jonathan and I remember crayo when he was a troll on HF.
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  8. I... I just can't top Coon's post.
  9. am a ****
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  10. got owned by Coon.
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  11. got shitted on fresh prince style by Coon. Coon buddy you deserve all the damn cheez its.
  12. Hi my name is Jonathan and I make ginger jokes while being bullied for my weight. It makes sense, Dominos sends me thank you cards every time i get a delivery.
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  13. Bullied for my weight? Okay then :lol1:
  14. yeah jonathan is never bullied, 'cause that would require people to notice him first

    meta paradox I'm bullying jonathan about never getting noticed while noticing him and saying he never gets bullied
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  15. Wish I was on pc. I'd post a picture of the master and quote paradox. Doctor who fans would give me likes for days
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  16. I was going to post the picture and steal the likes but I have no idea what the fuck you mean
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  17. Google the master doctor who. He made a dope ass paradox machine
  18. am secretly in love with Xanth.
  19. Pee sitting down.
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  20. Wait, you guys don't do that?:urm:
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