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    Hi, my name is Asha. I feel all alone in my love for wrestling, so I decided to join this forum. I've been a fan since I was a child; so 32 years. I was born in Bronx, NY and I remember watching the first Wrestlemania with my dad. I used to watch wrestling ALL the time--this was bonding time with my Dad and Grandma, I used to attend ECW shows in Va Beach, I had ringside seats a SummerSlam 2000, but then during college I did not have television or time to watch anymore. I rediscovered my love for watching wrestling ever since moving to the West Coast, but sadly I only know one or two people here that like wrestling. Maybe I will find someone local to watch shows with?

    I always get bashed for liking wrestling, "You know it's fake, right" is ALL every says. boo, sigh...ive heard it all. and its an annoyance when I have to argue with my roommate for TV rights on Mondays & Fridays to watch WWE & Impact on Thursday. oi. but we made a compromise for Smackdown--if Randy Orton is on then my roommate says it is okay for me to watch...cause they think he is sexy. so there was a few weeks I had to DVR the show. thanks RKO lol

    I watched SOME of Wrestlemania today...I'm glad Sheamus won, but come on?! I was SO disappointed with the Sheamus vs Daniel Bryan match-----I SO wanted to see DB get a good beat down!

    Divas match--what's up with Beth jobbing to this Maria chick? She's not even in the business! They should have had Tamina or even better, Kharma!

    Undertaker vs. HHH---what a stellar match !!

    Team Teddy vs Team L---booo I was rooting for team Teddy! dang Eve. they should have had Oksana body slam her or something. I wish I could wrestle. ::

    Please don't tell me who won. I will watch the rest later tonight.


    I love the smilies icons. funny!
  2. Greetings, Asha.

    I'm certain at least 99.999[size=xx-small]...repeating[/size] percent of the members on this forum enjoy wrestling, aside from me, because I'm blasphemous. You'll fit right in, though.

    Some generous members* on this forum will also provide you with links to a live stream of certain matches, so you'll never have to fight for the T.V. again.

    * They should be replying to this thread later on, whoever they are.

    Hulk Hogan won the match.
  3. Hey there Asha, welcome to the forum. You're no longer alone as as Anon rightly said, 99% here are equally obsessed about wrestling :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:.

    It's good to see you watching Impact too, which completely sucks at the moment in my opinion. Yeah Sheamus vs Bryan match annoyed everyone here too, I think the majority expected Sheamus to win but 18 seconds for a match that potentially could have been MOTN was despicable.

    As for the divas match, celebrities unfortunately win at Wrestlemania every year. I guess it's for good publicity? And hell no, Team Johnny for the win! :ace:

    Hope you stick around here :emoji_slight_smile:
  4. Thanks for the welcome :emoji_wink: I FINALLY watched the end of Wrestlemania lol. It was eh, I'll say fun? Rock winning? REALLY, REALLY? lol --This comment in no way endorses The Miz. I can't stand that mofo.
    Rock had to win in his hometown but WWE obviously has a rematch planned. Cena should have at least won to prove he is the best on the active roster imo. Maybe Summerslam rematch? Cause I will def be there. I can't wait to watch Raw tonight!
  5. I agree with everything you said but Miz is not a mofo :upset:, he's a Mizfit :otunga:
  6. :themiz: also will you be in the discussion thread tonight?
  7. welcome to the site
  8. Many people have the same problem you do. Seems all WWE fans over the age of 12 are spread far away or don't speak up about it. It's a shame that it's viewed the way it is.

    That's why I joined, too. Everyone either has a warped opinion about WWE or too embarrassed to give it a try.
  9. Welcome to the forum Asha!
    Really enjoyed reading your story. We kinda have the same reason to sign up here, haha. Have fun here, and I hope to see you around in the threads!
  10. Thanks! I'm thrilled that I found this site! So far all the topics are great! I will enjoy reading and replying!
  11. Hi and welcome!

    I'm new too.
  12. How's it crackin? Welcome to the site which shall be mine one day.
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