Hi wweforums i'm wwe

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  1. hello

    i watch wrestling wwe/fcw/tna with out fail everyweek

    i hope to become a mod on this site as i have so much to give

    wrestling is my life and i have everything

    cards,photos,dvds,tops you name it ive got it

    i will upgrade to superstar once i get to know the site and i just wanted to say hi!
  2. Hey man welcome to the site :emoji_slight_smile:. You posted this in the wrong section though lol, I'll move it for you (to The Ramp).

    Who's your favourite superstar? Also, how did you find us? Always helps us when people tell us that.

    Thanks for joining :smile:.
  3. sorry about that, silly me:emoji_slight_smile:

    i know you will all think im a fake fan but it genuinely is john cena sorry :emoji_wink:

    i found the site becuase of joker on hackfourms and i will post this site around as i love a great community

    and is superstar life time or will i need to buy monthly and will it be free upgrades if you make more levels?
  4. Haha don't have to apologise, there's a few other John Cena fans on here. Don't think anyone here hates him either, just some people want him to change his character a bit. He's a great superstar :smile:.

    Also, Superstar is lifetime. Welcome to the site, it's awesome that you're going to tell other people about it :emoji_grin:.
  5. Haha sounds good, as Sage says no need to apologise :lol:. Yeah, Superstar is lifetime :emoji_slight_smile:.

    Thanks for sharing the site around, that's awesome :loved:
  6. thanks you have made me feel really welcome one here cant wait to see thiw site grow! :emoji_slight_smile:

    also i hope no one has a problem with my name :emoji_slight_frown:?
  7. No worries man :emoji_slight_smile:. And haha no, no one will have a problem with it. Quite a good name for a wrestling forum right? :smile:.
  8. It's a great name to have :emoji_slight_smile:.
  9. Good :emoji_slight_smile:

    also this is just a question but do you have some one who uploads wwe online shows shuch as ppv's becuase i have all the links and videos?
  10. Yeah @[seabs] posts downloads of each show normally by the day after. We also upload RAW & SmackDown to YouTube thanks to @[Jonathan].
  11. oh ok well i have 720p uploads i just posted incase anyone cant find yours, and i have all the ppvs if you want them i have already posted the thread sorry:emoji_slight_frown:

    but just incase you need more?

    i have 5 links and 2 downloads
  12. No worries, the more the merrier I guess haha :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
  13. haha yeah let me know if you need any links im always happy to help
  14. Will do :emoji_slight_smile:. Maybe put the link to your thread in your sig so other people can see it too :emoji_grin:.
  15. how do i do that?
  16. Click your name at the right, then User CP then Change Signature :emoji_slight_smile:
  17. I have two favs, Orton being my #1 favorite of all time. Cena being my second favorite mainly for his achievements outside of the ring. Cena is a great person.

    Also, welcome to the forums @[WWE]
  18. yeah i dont mind randy but cena i my hero

    and thanks

  19. Oh and @[WWE], you can tag someone by using this code,

    @[RKO]... @{Username}
  20. oh hahah thanks