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Discussion in 'The Ramp' started by Ghee Buttersnaps, Feb 17, 2014.

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  1. hello vryone my name is ghee butersnaps
    i am actualy 11 so i hope that is ok
    my favorit reslers are cm punk daniel brian and sheamus
  2. Welcome! (friendly award time)
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  3. sorry i dont have a reward 2 give u
  4. Yes dude, how is it going?

    What are your political views?
  5. i dont like obama
  6. Welcome to the forums. Don't be surprised, there are some people here who have dedicated their whole lives to hating CM Punk with a burning passion of a million suns.
  7. Welcome to the site, hopefully you aren't badgered for your age.
  8. *Left Wing senses start tingling*
  9. It's not really a bad thing to see some younger users on here, just be aware of some rough language that may will be used.
    Other than that welcome to the forums!
  10. That's okay i'm actually 21 not 22!

  11. I love new users. the younger the better I always say
  12. r u the real dolph ziggler
  13. No offense but, :facepalm1:
  14. Put Simply and Nicely why did you think that.

    Put Harshly, I face palmed at that post. :isee:
  15. because this is wweforums.net oficial forums of wwe right
  16. F**K No, this is put together by Tyrion or Crayo, moderated by a guy named Senhor Perfect among others, i play a crazy guy shooting referees, no one related to WWE (business wise)
  17. 1 plz dont cuss my mom will get mad at me
    2 thats fals ad u should all change ur name
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  18. Well sorry about the cursing, i usually type/talk like that when my anti-depressants start kicking in on me (getting sleepy, loopy)

    Also why should i change my name?
  19. its fine i accept u
    i meant the site name