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  1. Hi, my name’s Laura. I’m twenty-five. I’m not much of a fan of WWE. In fact, I’m more of an anti-fan. I like it and hate it at the same time. Hard to explain. Either way, there’s plenty of things I feel the need to bitch about, so I ran a search on google for a message board, and this one seemed to be the best. I can’t promise I’ll contribute much maturity to the forum, but at least there’ll be another hater around to agree on how much the current product sucks.

    So, a little about myself:

    Not much to say. I used to watch WWF when I was a kid. Royal Rumble 1999 was the first PPV I ever saw, which in a way was a perfect introduction to what WWE represents – a great show fucked over in the end by Vince. I kept watching for a few years, mostly just rented PPVs (which were always a few months late), supplemented with Raw and Smackdown results that I’d look up at school. But then the movie store got slack with new PPVs and the school put a block on WWE.com, and the general product was on a decline anyway. Brock Lesnar and Randy Orton were two pushes that really irritated me, and the Katie Vic and HLA storylines were just disgusting, frankly. Eventually I just stopped watching.

    After that, I completely forgot about wrestling for ten years or so, but earlier this year I started watching again. I was looking for something to rent, and I saw Wrestlemania 27, and I thought: “Why not?” I was expecting to be impressed, but it was pretty crap. I remembered Cena as a dorky white rapper, and I’d never heard of The Miz at all, so it was a bit WTF to see them in the main event. The Rock’s promos felt pointless and overly-scripted, and the novelty of his “return” was lost on me since he hadn’t been gone that long when I’d originally stopped watching. The only match I liked was HHH vs Undertaker, but only for the nostalgia, since I was never a huge fan of them, either.

    So I didn’t get back into WWE right away, but a couple months later I rented a different PPV. Can’t remember which, but obviously it didn’t impress me. Eventually I rented another one, and another one, and then a couple more. I think mostly I was just amazed at how completely crap the show had become. I was probably being a little unfair, since my biggest complaint was that there was no Stone Cold, but in any case, my attitude slowly changed and I developed more respect for the wrestling than the storytelling.

    Largely it was CM Punk who kept me coming back, mostly because MiTB 2011 was probably the first PPV I saw that I actually enjoyed. I knew nothing about him or the storyline, but the reaction he got from the hometown crowd was infectious, and I really hated Cena, so it was great to see Punk win. Currently, CM Punk is my favorite superstar, even with his heel persona.

    Daniel Bryan is another one that won me over. The ‘Yes!’ chants at Extreme Rules 2012 vs Sheamus were incredible. It sucks that he’s been relegated to a gimmick tag team, but it’s nice to see Kane get some screentime that isn’t painful to watch. Y2J is another I like. I never appreciated him back in 2001-2002, but now that I can actually tell the difference between good wrestling and bad wrestling, I have new respect for him. Shame he’s gone. Ziggler is another that impressed me over time. He has some awesome sells, but nothing ridiculously exaggerated like The Rock. Speaking of The Rock, I think he’s a total idiot, but I could fill up a whole thread with Rock-hate, so I’ll defer it for another time.

    About Cena, I have mixed feelings. I respect everything he’s done for the business, but his superman gimmick is seriously ridiculous. The
    ‘I Quit’ match vs Miz at Over the Limit 2011 was just sheer patheticness, and the Ambulance match at Elimination Chamber 2012 was laughable. But worst of all, was Night of Champions 2012. Punk retained, at least, but the finish was just awful. It was a double pin, but it was Cena who executed the suplex, so we all know it was Cena who really won. I mean, please. Punk owned him the entire match. How many GTS’s did Cena kick out of? Not to mention the Rock Bottom. But no, Cena just refuses to lose. Oh my, the will and determination of this man. Pfft. At that point in the match I wouldn’t have been surprised if he kicked out of a bullet to the head as well.

    It was a disservice to Punk, IMO. Punk’s heel reign was mishandled from the beginning, and it got even worse at HiAC and SS. It would’ve been more legitimate heat if he beat faces cleanly, and more consistent with his Best in The World persona. They’ve turned him into nothing more than a carbon copy of heel Edge or Legacy Orton. I loved Legacy Orton, BTW, but I hated how he could just never win cleanly. Interference is so cheap. Minor interference is fine, but when a heel can only win when two people run down to the ring and beat the hell out of his opponent, it leaves you wondering why they even bothered to have the match in the first place.

    I also have mixed feelings about this PG era. On one hand it sucks that the show has been sissified into a live action cartoon for kids, but on the other, I’m glad that the product has become so much more accessible to women. I was just a kid back in the Attitude era, so not much of it made a dent on me, but when I think back quite of bit of it was borderline misogynistic. At least in the current era we’ll never have to endure another HLA segment. I’m pretty sure even guys have no patience for that shit.

    Okay, what else should I mention? Oh – my knowledge of WWE is probably more limited than most. I’ve been buying chunks of DVDs for the last couple months, and I’ve seen almost every PPV from 2007 – 2012, and I remember most of the Attitude and Invasion eras. But I have no clue about Hulk Hogan, or Randy Savage, or Bret Hart, or any of those folks. I’m also ignorant on TNA, ROH, WCW, ECW, UFC, ect.

    Anyway, that’s about it. As you can tell from this lengthy introduction, I have a lot to say, and not much of it is worth reading. Still, I’m eager to ventilate myself on some of the things I’ve been raging about since I started watching WWE again, so hopefully I’ll be around for a while.

    Oh, and a couple personal things quickly: my favorite movie is The Dark Knight, my favorite video game is Dark Souls, my favorite music artist is Eminem, and my biggest passion is for Twilight Fanfiction. I’m not proud of being a Twihard, but I can’t help it; it’s my own personal brand of heroin.
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  2. Haha, loved that part. Most people in here would agree that the product currently is not that enjoyable. Coming back to watch WM 27 is a bad coincidence indeed, that show was awful (except for HHH vs Taker as you mentioned). You have very good taste in wrestlers, Punk, DB and Ziggler are some of my favorites. Cena's current booking was spot on as well. I still cringe when I remember that match vs The Miz and at NoC this year he did leave looking stronger than Punk. Welcome to the forums, I'm sure you'll like the place.
  3. Welcome on board.

    Great introduction and u have great taste in wrestlers.
  4. What an excellent introduction. Very nice to meet you Laura, welcome to WWE forums :emoji_slight_smile:.

    I'm also against the way they have turned Punk from the BITW to the best coward in the world, but I understand it. The heel persona is meant to draw people into purchasing PPV's just to see the heel beaten up and losing, if they book him as the guy who just can't be beat for too long (remember, his reign is one year long now) then the drawing factor will be removed. Plus, Ryback is their future champion and a huge prospect to be a big draw, and we all know how much they need to protect Cena.

    Hope you stick around here :yay:. Oh, where did you find us?
  5. Welcome!

    I may hate Twihards (I dunno, for not seeing that they are actually reading a book of "What Makes Up Bad Writing"), but you got some wonderful points there. I hope you enjoy your time here! :emoji_kissing_heart:*
  6. Um, not sure how to quote. I gotta read the help files.

    Crayo asked how I found the site - just a plain google search for WWE forums. I didn't really look around, but this one seemed the most active.

    Anyway, thanks for the welcome, happy to be here. :emoji_slight_smile:
  7. I read all of it! :shock:
    You have broken me. :cry:
    Kidding, nice introduction and welcome aboard to the happiest place on the internet until you meet people like Crayo. :smug: :pity:
  8. :win:

    Welcome to the site, hope you enjoy your time here :otunga:
  9. Welcome here!

    Great introduction you made there..

    Oh yeah, btw.. Jeff Hardy > CM Punk. :pity:

    Enjoy! :otunga:
  10. Welcome to the site Laura....

    Your introduction was really awesome, and I agree with many of what you said...

    And don't listen to what Jose said , The best in the world>>>>>>>>>>>Jeff hardy
  11. Punk>Hardy lol Jose's such a noob :haha:

  12. :pipebomb:
  13. Yea he may speak alone all he wants, but if the Best Mic Worker in this company :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:unk: was there in front of him, I bet he would have owned his ass...
  14. Mic skills don't matter in real life. Punk reads a script who he wrote himself..

    Hardy puts out facts. And on the ''Punk being an ass in and outside the ring'' thingy, I believe Hardy. 100%.

    Oh man, all the reports from Punk being a big whiner..
  15. lol you made my first point yourself, Punk's never been some drug addict. And he's vaaastly superior on the microphone.
  16. Punk > Jeff
    The End
  17. LEO!


    :cry: :cry: :cry:
  18. :dawg: Don't cry Jose. Let's just say we're both Ziggler fans and call it a day if you're getting sad.
  19. Oh Cmon Jose, we were just joking....
    We all know Ziggler is the greatest wrestler of all time....:maybe:

    If you are gonna start crying, then we will stop :sad:
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