Discussion in 'The Ramp' started by SupernaturalJag, Jul 26, 2013.

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  1. Hey everybody my name is Jag or SupernaturalJag. I came here by just randomly googling people from MachinimaPalooza. So I signed up. Hello I will probably be active if I like it here.
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  2. Ahaha, awesome! There are a lot of awesome members here from MachinimaPalooza! I hope you enjoy it here as well!

    :yes: :yes: :yes:
  3. Just strolling around it looks amazing! I feel like a shy kid at there first party they know a few people but, most are strangers.
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  4. Welcome Jag!
  5. That feeling goes away eventually! I joined this forum not even a year ago and now I'm a moderator! The community here is amazing. :smug:

    Just curious, but who are your favorite wrestlers, by the way?
  6. Welcome to WWEF man.
    Question time:
    Who is your favorite wrestler?
    What is your favorite company?
    Do watch sports?
    If so who are your favorite teams?
  7. I have 4 favorite wrestlers Jeff Hardy, CM Punk, Austin Aries and Sami Zayn. Wait five Manik.
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  8. Very awesome selection! :obama: I see you watch NXT as well. I'm so obsessed with NXT. :dawg:
  9. Just Listed favorite wrestlers.
    NXT if you can count that separate.
    Yes I watch sports.
    Favorite teams
    Hockey:Buffalo Sabres
    Football: Buffalo Bills (Hometown) Not proud!
    Basketball: Miami Heat
    Soccer: Manchester United (To be honest I don't know another soccer team) Lol.
  10. I watch it every week. I LOVE IT! :henry:
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  11. Hey man, welcome to the forum. Probably the most unique way someone has found us :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:.

  12. Bills/Sabres fan? I suppose that makes up for being a Hardy,and, Heat fan.:obama:
  13. Yeah I actually just googled FALC or Fire Ant Loves Cocaine.
  14. Yeah living in an area that never won a Stanley Cup or Super Bowl it's a disgrace.
  15. Ah that dude, lol. He hasn't been on here in awhile though. Last time I saw him was around the time we were suppose to merge with MP.
  16. That was the big merge I heard about :yes:
  17. He posted yesterday Lady, silly billy mixed with willy.
  18. Awww thanks Jenn. :smug:
  19. :upset:

    I can't keep up with all these people :why:
  20. :eww:
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