HIAC pre show announced

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Rysenberg, Oct 24, 2012.

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  1. At the Smackdown TV taping Tuesday night, WWE announced that John Cena will appear on the Hell in a Cell PPV pre-show to address his on-air "scandal" with former Raw GM A.J. Lee.

  2. That sounds.... Exciting. :Facepalm:
  3. Sweet... I won't feel bad for missing it.
  4. Beats a random match none of us care about.
  5. Random matches can be entertaining though. :pity1: Cena talking about AJ is gonna' be a borefest.
  6. Meh, it's different, I sort of like this storyline as I think DZ might be introduced to it at some point.
  7. You may have a point, up until then though I just think it's going to be boring. No doubt everyone will tune into the pre-show because it's Cena. :lol1:
  8. Guarantee it draws the lowest amount of viewers.
  9. It's Cena lol, it will probably pull in a high amount....
  10. Beats it being on the main card.
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  11. If it's on the pre-show then I don't think there will be anything too relevant in it. And as Rain said, yeah, better than taking time on the main card.
  12. True, never looked at it that way.
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