Hibs discussion thread 2012/2013

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Rysenberg, Jul 21, 2012.

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  1. Since Crayo started one I thought I would - a discussion for me to air all my thoughts on Hibs.

    Hibs vs Leveun tonight - hoping Ross Caldwell starts - could be an EPL player within 2-3 years if he continues the way he is. An exquisite chip and great hold up play on Wed. Promising. Only 19.

    Anyone else is free to comment, I just doubt any of you care that much anyway, if it goes off topic this SoB is getting closed.


    Leigh Griffiths signing by the way, feckin' teckle!
  2. R'Albin's Hibs discussion thread 2012/2013

  3. R'Albin's Hibs discussion thread 2012/2013

  4. R'Albin's Hibs discussion thread 2012/2013

    Hibs who?
  5. RE: R'Albin's Hibs discussion thread 2012/2013

    Fuck you all.
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    Crayo if you open this I will get the next plane/train/tram to Cornwall and cock slap your bitch ass.

  6. R'Albin's Hibs discussion thread 2012/2013

    Trust me it's not worth the trouble going to Cornwall, even the tide goes out more often than anywhere else.

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    Goodnight sweetheart joke FTW fuck the haters and mashed potatoes
  7. R'Albin's Hibs discussion thread 2012/2013

    A hibs (of all places, SCOTLAND) discussion thread turns into Cornwall bashing. FML.
  8. RE: R'Albin's Hibs discussion thread 2012/2013

    4-0 victory today, three <19s getting the goals. Promising stuff.

    Scotland is far superior to Cornwall, we have Xanth.
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  9. R'Albin's Hibs discussion thread 2012/2013


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    **Unends thread**


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  11. R'Albin's Hibs discussion thread 2012/2013

    I would rather eat a regurgitated pasty than that horrific drink.
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    :emoji_hushed: :emoji_hushed: :emoji_hushed:

    I get that we're having an argument but don't take it out on the Bru ?:bury:
  13. RE: R'Albin's Hibs discussion thread 2012/2013

  14. RE: R'Albin's Hibs discussion thread 2012/2013

    The SPL have decided to bend over and take it again as they've allowed Sky and ESPN to change the kick off time of Dundee UTD vs HIbs with 6 DAYS NOTICE my Dad can no longer go to that or the Edinburgh derby which has been moved to a Sunday with a 1230 kick off time.

    Oh and despite the fact he CHEATED us out of the final and many other games Craig Thompson has been chosen to referee our first game of the season.

    I despair.

    And yes I am mad.
  15. RE: R'Albin's Hibs discussion thread 2012/2013

    Gonna keep a colelction of all my matchday ratings on here, so I can reflect on them at the end of the season.

    Williams - 6 I'm inclined to say Maybury was more at fault for the goal, however I felt he should have ran out and clattered everyone in his path and taken the ball. Dodgy from 1 or 2 crosses, however felt he performed well overall

    Clancy - 7 The fact that I can't remember much of what he did beside clatter Hearts players can only be a good thing. Been impressed with him and think he is a really solid signing.

    Hanlon - 8 Again, solid throughout. Almost tempted to give him an 8 because of his last ditch interception in the second half.

    McPake 10 - Sorry, but a fantastic performance from him today. Pretty much faultless and completely took Sutton out of the game, he never even got a sniff. He lifts our entire defence, actually, our entire team and is our best signing in years.

    Maybury 7 - Such a shame he made the mistake as he performed really well throughout. Mistake or not; his addition probably saved us a couple of goals, compared to having Stephens on.

    David Wotherspoon 4 - My tin hat is firmly on here, and 4 is maybe harsh considering his good ball for the goal, however I don't think he offers much and was a total passenger throughout IMO. He has no confidence at the moment and I don't know how you can sort that.

    Stevenson 5 - Like others, didn't even realise he was playing until about 15 minutes in. Never really did much - still a fan of him though and he is a really good squad player.

    Deegan 6 - I love him already, he never did much but he is the tough midfielder we have been crying out for.

    Cairney 7 - Looks a player. Apparently he was vomiting all over the place at one point, still, didn't seem to cause him any bother during the game and thought he played well overall.

    Doyle 4 - Again, I hate being Mr.Negative, but I thought he was really poor today. Didn't have any composure and never cause their defence any bother at all. I don't think he's good enough for the SPL, sorry.

    Griffiths 8 - On the contrary, he constantly looked a threat. He missed a couple of good chances but he never stopped running, and the second he was taken off we never looked like scoring


    Claros 8 - Great performance when he came on. I've always thought that when he got used to the tempo of the Scottish game he could become a decent player. Always found a man with his passes and got stuck in, really composed on the ball. I was very impressed with him.

    Handling 3 - Not much time to do anything, needed to have a shot himself in the second half but never had the confidence to.

    Caldwell 3 - Never did much, hardly surprising but never looked half as confident on the ball as he did when I last watched him.

    I think the main thing today was that we worked fantastically well as unit. I know I gave the midfield some low ratings, as I don't think any of them had a particularly amazing solo performance, however they all worked together and it made it so much harder for them. Our defence were incredibly solid, and that was so unbelievably refreshing to watch.

    I really enjoyed today and was great to see us stand up to them, and show that we still have fight left in us. Our fans were brilliant I felt, and their party was completely ruined. More of the same please Hibs.
  16. I wonder if @[R'Albin] has forgotten about this thread. :hmm:
  17. I did, we were incredible last night :yay:
  18. I know I say the score, that's why I brought up this thread. :otunga:
  19. @[R'Albin] Hibs now top of the league, although have played 2 more than Celtic, but still things must be on the up for you and this season are loking a way better team, how long do you think Hibs can keep this up?

    (Boro are top of the league as well :isee:)
  20. Celtic only got a draw today so we're level on points with them with only one game in hand :yay:

    Yeah the progress we've made is ridiculous. If we can get Griffiths tied up until the end of the season and he stays fit I honestly think we could be in with some sort of a chance. Celtic need Rangers badly.

    Just had a look :isee: Looks like it will be a tight season in the Championship as well at the top (usually is though I guess) nice to have both started well, Mogga :win:
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