High buyrates for Slammiversary. For TNA that is

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Stopspot, Jun 21, 2012.

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  1. :obama:

    source PWmania
  2. Huh. Wonder why, the build to that show sucked on ice. Still, congrats, TNA, and great job giving all these customers a fantastic show.

  3. Congratulations TNA, it was a nice show. :obama:
  4. Push Sting people obviously want to see young stallions such as him and Devon :Yay:
  5. TNA is a private company that doesn't release this shit like WWE does; so take any buyrate figures you read with a grain of salt.
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  6. Yes. And the source isn't PWMania because WON (Meltzer) reports these kinda rumors. It's just a copy/paste.

    This should be a RUMOR thread, not a fact. It's only 11 days since PPV happened, even WWE takes to a month to release the preliminary buys, and now all of sudden Dave Meltzer guy knows PRIVATE company's buys? Gtfo, brother.

    I don't believe Meltzer a damned thing, he's already proved numerous times he's a numbskull who, unfortunately, smarks trust because it's so easy to con them and turn against TNA.

    No dirtsheet knows private company's PPV buys (lol Meltzer), that is all, whether they be 10k or 50k.
  7. I can say for definite they pulled a gazillion buys.
  8. Isn't Meltzer the guy who reported that Jeff Hardy would win the TNA Title at Bound For Glory, and the next day TNA taped the start of the BFG Series?
  9. Kid Kash vs. Hernandez - once in a lifetime, bro.:dawg:

    And the one who said that the main event of the Turning Point PPV 2011 would be Kurt Angle vs. Jeff Hardy for the TNA Title, and that turned out to be Roode vs. AJ Styles? Feel free to remind me...
  10. So he did say that, Testify?

    I guess it's only fitting... as the most famous wrestling news reporter, he has the credibility of the best actual news reporters.
  11. That's.....high?


  12. Forgot to mention that he also said Chris Sabin won't came back "any soon" from the knee injury back in February, next thing you know, Sabin is back 3 weeks later. What a sucker.:burns:

    Yeah, I've got plenty on him, bring it.
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