High hopes for this PPV

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Brad., Feb 11, 2014.

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  1. Anyone else expecting a great EC? Seems like they're trying hard to make up for RR and milk the last PPV before the network.

    - The EC match is quite unpredictable, with a few swerves possible. Cesaro getting his chance to shine on a big stage.
    - Shield/Wyatts will obviously be great. Reigns could turn here. Wyatts will look boss.
    - Del Rio doesn't have bad PPV matches, so hopefully he can get something out of Botchtista
    - Finally, it looks like The Usos will win the titles at this PPV.
  2. Yeah EC will be a great show... hopefully we will get at least 2 more matches added to the card and a good kick-off match.
  3. Oh you just KNOW that a DIvas match is about to find its way on the card.

    I think there will be a Big E. Langston Title Retainment also at EC, not sure who he'd go against, I was thinking Titus O'Neil but idk it doesn't look like they're trying to go for that at all and Titus is a little busy getting jumped by Darren.
  4. Yeah a Divas tag match of some kind.... once Naomi got injured the title match was thrown out. I think Big E should call out The Miz for complaining about not getting on TV lately and give him a shot at the IC title.
  5. yup the shield vs the wyatts lookin foward to that. i hope the shield kicks the shit out of them.
  6. Shield vs Wyatt Fam is the only thing that will be worth a damn. It should be amazing though.
  7. inb4 disappointment
  8. They are thinking of having AJ Lee losing the title before 'Mania so it could happen at EC. Even though I'm not the biggest AJ Lee fan, I think it would be cool for her to lose it at 'Mania in a good 10 minute match to Brie. I think Brie is the only one in the Diva's division that is improving.
  9. I think they're building a solid-looking card.

    Shield/Wyatts will most likely be Match of the Night. It's definitely had the best build thus far.

    The EC match feels a little disjointed at this point, because the only real feud we're getting shown is Randy against everybody, which makes me think that we'll get Randy "overcoming the odds" to retain. The upside, though, is that between Orton and Cena wanting to show the world they really are good, Bryan being his usual "wanting to steal the show" self, Christian wanting to show he's still got something in the tank, Sheamus wanting some kind of defining return moment, and Cesaro getting his first chance to really shine on his own since his US Title run, not to mention the fact that all six guys have personal pride in wanting to show the world they're the best, I think it'll come together and we'll get a spectacle.

    ADR/Batista worries me a little. Del Rio is a great big-game performer and almost always gives terrific performances on PPV, but I worry if Batista will be able to keep up and give ADR the opportunity to showcase that ability. I'm hoping Batista will be motivated enough to work with him, because I know ADR will make him look strong if given the chance.

    The Usos vs. NAO will be good, but I don't know that they'll have the Outlaws lose the titles before Mania, unless they're setting up for a rematch for the titles at Mania. I just think they'll carry the titles until Wrestlemania and it won't be a regular tag match when they lose it. They'll go for something a little bigger. Having said that, if those two face each other at EC, it'll be good.

    I figure we'll get some thrown together IC match, set up this week, which will be alright. I enjoy watching Big E (even though I wish he'd wear longer trunks...I keep thinking we're going to end up seeing "Little E" when he goes to pin somebody), and we'll no doubt get some kind of Divas match, setting up the Divas Title match at Mania, I'd guess. I don't know that they'll pay off the Miz's interjections yet. That may be waiting for the bigger stage.

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  10. ^^^

    "Little E"

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  11. Expecting one of the rhodes to cause DQ in the tag title match, i read the spoilers for Smackdown so the IC match will be there, and i think it's Naomi vs AJ Lee. Expecting one more random match, Miz/DZ/Kofi etc
  12. Who's in the IC match? I haven't read the spoilers, but I don't mind knowing.

  13. So Cesaro has a match scheduled vs Sami Zayn on the first live NXT show the 27th a few days after EC, I believe 99.9999999% assures him a loss at EC.
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  14. Do you mean like the IC match or EC or the Fatal 4 Way for #1 Contender?
  15. @Aids Johnson mentioned that, having read the spoilers for Smackdown, there would be an IC match, which I suppose to mean an Intercontinental Championship match between Big E and a challenger. I have not read the spoilers (I rarely do), but I wondered if someone would tell me who's in the match against Big E without me either having to read the spoilers or wait to see on Smackdown tomorrow night.

  16. Jack Swagger
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  17. ya its inside the spoiler :emoji_slight_smile:
    Show Spoiler
    Yeah Jack Swagger won a fatal 4 way between Mark Henry, Rey Mysterio and Kofi Kingston to become the contender for Big E's IC belt.. (If he beats Big E at EC for that belt, than you just know it's going to be a Real American split at WM for that IC belt and Cesaro is going to hold that shit A LONNGGGG Timeeeee!)
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  18. I hope EC PPV is good!
    Shield/Wyatts is a straight allhype match!
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  19. The card is looking solid, I'm excited for it.
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