Highlights from the WWE Business Meeting

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Snowman, Apr 28, 2012.

  1. Plenty of things to discuss here. So, have at it!
  2. Smackdown up 15 percent and Raw 3. Nice, smackdown has always had the potential to be way better than Raw but WWE has kept fking it up. Smackdown is usually better than Raw because that's where all the stars not big enough to be WWE faces co-exist. Guys like shaemus, kurt angle, rey, DB, undertaker. They should also bring the miz to smackdown, he'd do well there.
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  3. PG haters won't like reading this.

    From the sounds of it, it looks like Vince has big plans for next year. But since this meeting was pre-WM I'm sure he was probably just talking about the Lesnar return. It was common sense for WWE Movies to branch out into different age ratings and different content, why they thought their code audience would all be into terrible comedies starring HHH baffled me.
  4. The whole PG issue is just stupid. WWE can still put out a great and edgy product under the PG rating
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  5. I'm curious about when they'll put the network on air. I probably won't watch it frequently, but I'll be amused watching them try to fill a whole week's time with content based on wrestling.

    Plus, PG is obviously not the problem. Smackdown has always been PG. The problem is poor booking.
  6. Crayo, it was actually today. Just finished up.

    There are a bunch of things here that bug me. The company doing well proves that the soul-crushing status quo (thanks, Punk!) is working. PG is fine, it's them paying a creative team who gives as much effort as a bowl of apricot soup that's the problem... but the numbers show everything's great! There's no problem at all! Ratings are up! PPV Buys are up!
  7. "-Vince was asked if he was concerned about weather at WrestleMania 29. He answered no and said that fans are smart enough to know when to wear a jacket. He added if it snows it could be fun.

    I'm guessing it wasn't today bud.
  8. They're talking about Wrestlemania next year...
    Just saw on the link posted that it was yesterday. So we both were wrong, lol.

    Lord, that quote is terrible. #WWEFansDontMatter
  9. Mania 29 is in 2013. :otunga:
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