Lucha Hijo del Perro Aguayo Passes Away

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    Terrible and devastating news. You'll be missed Perro. Strangely, just yesterday during Muertes/Fenix match I was thinking how insanely over Perro would be at the Temple.
  2. Rip Perro.
  3. Truly sad news.

    RIP Perro.
  4. This is sad and scary stuff. RIP
  5. Manik & Rey Mysterio were involved in the match damn..

  6. [​IMG]

    Shit man, he was basically in his prime. He was supposed to headline this year's TripleMania with Myzteziz in a mask vs. hair match, it was supposed to be a blow-off to the 10 year long feud. Perro was charisma personified, one of those rare heels who always stayed credible despite losing and goofing around all the time. One of the biggest stars in Mexico too, this is a really hard hit to the scene.

    RIP Perro. :emoji_cry:

    He was wrestling since he was 15, he literally lived and died pro-wrestling.
  7. One wrong bump and it is over. Scary.

    The fact that CMLL reached out during this proves how big "Perrito" was in Mexico. CMLL and AAA hate each other.
  8. R.I.P

    Saying I'm shocked is an understatement. The guy was a fucking animal in the ring, on the mic and in just about every other category. Thank you for the great moments.

    The full match.
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  9. The doctors in the video didn't seem to know what to do with him. And Konnan shaking him like he did is a big no no.
  10. Damn that video is YIKES!
    RIP Perro
  11. Man, I'm wondering what Mysterio can be thinking. Damn.
  12. Yeah, Rey must be destroying himself over that. Dayumn, I wouldn't wanna be in his shoes.
  13. Looks like the incident will be under investigation as possible manslaughter.
  14. Don't they sign waivers?
  15. For those unfamiliar with Perro's body of work:

    I really can't stress enough the magnitude of this death for AAA and lucha in general. This isn't some jobber or midcarder. Perro was a huge star, big draw, he knew the business down to a T. Imagine if, god forbid, Nakamura or Bryan died. Household names. That's what Perro was in Mexico. He was also the top rudo, every star returning or signing with AAA was bound to work a program with Perro at some point. Perro was the centerpiece of booking, the mentality of lucha is that the pillar of booking is having a big top rudo to make flying babyfaces look great. Perro did that throughout his entire career. He was supposed to headline TripleMania with Myzteziz. After that he was supposed to feud with Alberto. The man was in his prime.

    Meltzer will say Mistico was responsible for lucha rebirth a decade ago. But Perro was Mistico's arch nemesis, Perro was the villain who made him a loveable superhero and enormous babyface draw.

    Luckily for AAA, they're loaded with talent. Mesias (Mil Muertes) just turned rudo 10 days ago, he's a big star as well. Texano and Pentagon will move up the totem pole, which is awesome. Texano was already near the top, but not quite there like Perro was. The fat old fart Villano IV (the Finlay of lucha) could wrestle more regularly. There are Hell Brothers. Maybe Konnan can do a retirement tour. Maybe LA Park and Dr. Wagner can come back and finally have that (expensive) mask match that is 12 years in the making (CMLL, AAA, indies). Short term AAA will be fine because they have a plethora of rudos, but longterm they should really go all in with Texano and Pentagon, because both guys are fantastic in what they do.
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  16. Just one night after Hijo del Perro Aguayo (Perro Aguayo Jr.) passed away after an accident at a CRASH indie event in Mexico on Friday night, Konnan, who was one of the first to tend to Aguayo Jr. after the in-ring spot with Rey Mysterio, was present for last night’s AAA Lucha Underground tapings in California. There was a ceremony done for Aguayo Jr. and it was described as “very sad” by Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer Newsletter.

    Lucha Underground officials informed the press that talents would not be available for interviews this weekend and won’t be available until the next tapings because the talents were too upset to talk.

    There were tributes for Perro done at several Mexican promotions last night and it’s expected we will see some form of tribute at the indie events during WrestleMania 31 weekend in California. There has been no mention of the passing by WWE yet.

    Aguayo’s funeral is being held today in Guadalajara.


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