Hikaru Shida in WWE?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Neilbomb, Oct 7, 2016.

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    hey Hulkamaniacs,

    what is up? I thought of another wrestler who should be in the WWE and
    from what I read got a tryout. one Hikaru Shida from ICE RIBBON/OZ ACADEMY.
    I have SHIMMER 58 and 65 and 66 and she is on all three. she is terrific. very
    skilled and brutal in her offense and she has a history with Asuka. she is also,
    from what I understand, is a high-ranking judoka and kendoka and she has
    beaten the Empress on a number of ocassions along with having "Butt Battles"
    with her during the match. so, would we sign her? I would, though there could
    be a few issues.

    1. Hikaru is in high demand in ICE RIBBON and if she signed that would no
    longer be possible. if she were to wrestle in Japan again, WWE schedule and
    opponents, unless there was a cross-promotion.

    2. The Empress herself. the two have a history of not exactly being BFFs. the
    question is: how would the relationship between the two be played out? a fued
    like in Japan? have them team up to take over NXT? or, since NXT/WWE seems
    to be promoting Asauka as an unstoppable juggernaut, would they have her lose
    to her like the others?

    just a thought. I would sign her nonetheless and I have provided a small sample
    of her in action. enjoy.

  2. Never heard of her, but if she's a badass like Asuka, then I'm all in on her signing with WWE.
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  3. I never heard of her either but I agree, if she is good like Asuka, why the heck not!?
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  4. high demand in Ice Ribbon? Ice Ribbon is like a micro indie even in the joshi circuit.
    Not to mention that she's not been affiliated with Ice Ribbon for 2 years, and mainly works OZ Academy now, which is even more niche than Ice Ribbon
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    big pictures (open)

    A Picture is always nice you guys
  6. I took the liberty of putting spoiler tags in your post. If you need to post pictures, please try and find smaller pictures so that they don't take up the entire screen for those using smaller monitors/laptops.

    I'm on a 16 inch laptop and even then some of the pics you post stretch the screen.
  7. Ok, thanks
  8. That butt gimmick could really get over in NXT...

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  9. Especially with people like Master Roshi and Jerry the King Lawler in the world
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  11. indeed. and thank you, Stopspot. I was just going to say that the SHIMMER DVDs that she was on (as well as 58) came out
    2013-14. still, would she give up wrestling for OZ.
  12. Unlikely. Japanese promotions are very much built on loyalty. A big factor in why you don't see New Japan raiding smaller companies for talent. It's much more common that talent leaves a promotion because of a argument with the backstage staff/booker than another fed enticing them away. And the joshi scene is a political minefield. These promotions are super isolationistic and very rarely talk with one another. So Shida jumping would be very very unlikely. I would not rule it out, but I would not bet on it.

    Another factor is I do not think WWE will go for another Japanese female talent. Vince is not a fan of having talent that don't speak good English, he favors promos far more than he does ring work. And with both Kana and their new Chinese female talent on board. I struggle to see him going for another female star from the far east just yet.
  13. I wasn't aware the WWE had any Chinese women. Kana's English is actually not that bad and, flipping around YOUTUBE,
    I came across Shida giving an interview on a MAKAI channel and her English is pretty decent as well.
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