Spoiler Hint For Genesis

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by DK James, Jan 15, 2014.

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  1. [​IMG]

    DR=Davey Richards?
    EE=Eddie Edwards?
    Looks like I may be watching TNA live tomorrow.
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  2. Oh, damn it. Thought this was some crazy religion thread...well...uh...good for them, I guess?
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  3. Yup
    I'm assuming so, I heard whispers about them finding a job I believe yesterday or the day before but I didn't know it would be like this (assuming that's where they go).
    Interesting, very interesting.. Thanks for the update. I was going to be watching anyone but it's nice to know there's going to be some fresh talent like that in the TNA tag team division.
  4. Sweet. If that is the case, which it seems highly probable it could be, then I'll be very interested to see how they do with TNA. Definitely looking forward to watching tomorrow.
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  5. Before scrolling down to see your hint, DK, I just read it and thought "Dr... that's like doctor... but EE? Doctor EE... Doctor Stevie! Noooo, not Stevie Richards returning!"

    That sounds MUCH better. :yay: Certainly can't miss Impact tomorrow either.
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  6. When I first saw it on Twitter I kept reading "Dr. EE" as well hahah, until I read some responses and I was like: [​IMG]
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  7. If it is EE & DR who do you all think they would match off against in their debut?
    My thoughts is they're going to face off vs. The BroMans and have take them to their limits but lose and then maybe a rematch at Day 2? Idk that's just a scenario I was playing through my head, then again they might put em against Bad Influence.
  8. Ahahahahahaha perfect little face there, complete with creepy Mae Young (I think?) cameo. Well done.

    Holy crap, we could totally get Bad Influence vs the American Wolves! *drools*
    What better way to start 2014 (fine, continue 2014) than that?
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  9. That's what I'm saying, I'm looking at it and I don't really see them getting a match vs the champs right away so there's what like a 25 or 50% chance that's who they face.
  10. The American Wolves would be a great addition to TNA in my opinion. A great tag team that their division needs currently, so I have no objection for that.
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  11. Agreed, desperately needs IMO!
  12. Who else could it be? EY and Park? A couple of random thrown together guys... Wait, it'll probably be Fernum and Barnes at first. Forgot about those guys. That sounds cool.

    It's incredible how much more positive buzz there is around TNA picking up Indy talent than there is WWE talent. Can't wait to see them come, if they do. It still could be Dr. Stevie, you never know. :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
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  13. Considering the state the TNA tag team division is in, this is either the adrenaline needed to revive it, or just keep holding it down.
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  14. The build to Genesis has been pretty great, hopefully TNA delivers tonight.

    I hope, though, Dixie isn't trolling us again with DR & EE, as I truly hope it is Davey & Eddie debuting.
  15. What would you do if it was two unknowns named Dirk Rogers and Elmer Eriksen or something like that instead?
  16. As long as those 'nobodies' are good talent, I'll be OK with it. All I'm asking for is new, good and fresh talent that's gonna bring deepness to the roster. I'm not exactly an American Wolves mark, so I won't be pissed off if it isn't them, you know. I like them, but no SO much like bunch of others on the IWC.

    What I truly think this is, though? Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards most likely, as they were the ones everyone on the internet predicted, so it makes sense that she would "spoil" these two and leave any other new talents as suprises.
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  17. I haven't seen any of the ROH guys you all love, but the American Wolves sound badass and will bring something new to the tag team division.

    Keep it going, Dixie! :3
  18. After sleeping on this, I see it alot like what people say Paige will bring to the Divas.

    Yay, the Wolves are coming! That'll be interesting for a month until they'll have nobody to feud with and just become two more guys on the roster!
  19. True
    but idk IMO I think having them as depth to the Tag team roster will be better for TNA in the long run rather than keeping Bradley and Briscoe employed you know?
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