Hip Hop: Recommend an album/mixtape/single

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Nobody, Oct 11, 2013.

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  1. Let's make a game, as i plan on making this for different genres and breaking it down into a top list of what the people here voted on. Add a cd but in order to reply, you need to pick at least one song or a quick 2-3 sentence point about what you thought about the album above you.

    Even if you think it's dogshit, posting why you arent a fan can still be positive, just dont post "i fucking sucked because its autotune" or some random shit. Yeah some people think that sucks but that cant be the problem is more of an Its-not-what-you-say-its-how-you-say-it type of deal. You know, i dont get down with auto tune BUT i liked this or I hate autotune but his lyrics were decent or some kind of mixture of the two. If you flat out hate the shit, save your album and wait for someone else to deal with it first.

    This is a lot more typing than needed but i just wanted to make sure we get the rules all set, as i know from our 18 rap threads most of us have a lot of random hip hop we can introduce to people because 1. their dude is only local or not even big on youtube, they are from close to you and you live a country/half world away, etc. Anyway, im really looking forward to some new music. I dont care if it's mainstream or wht, just post what you love.

    Blu - Give me my flowers while i can still smell them.

    It's produced by Exile, who teamed up with Blu in 2008 for my favorite hip hop album of all time next to common - finding forever in "below the heavens." That is quality soul beats with a real, smooth flow and great lyrics to go with it. I've been a huge fan of Blu since i fell in love with Dilla, that must have been around 02-04, as i moved from bands like "blink 182" to music that made me want to listen and pay attention to what was going on instead of looking like a posing bastard. Dude was 16 when he worked with J dilla, and if you dont know who that is, he is top 5 producers all time.

    This one goes out to my GF, Senhor Perfect.

  2. It has a cool reverb in the first one, not a big fan of it though to be honest. I didn't think his flow was that great. A letter to me was just simply annoying, sounded like a bunch of noise. O Heaven was the best for me. Overall 6/10

  3. Nice beat and good flow, but Shumpert's (I think) voice is irritating, I couldn't listen to these guys very often. It's not terrible though, not at all.
    Here's a few from my current favourite, e-dubble.

    Fast and upbeat if that's your thing.

    Next two are slower, more emotional, more about lyrics.

    Hope someone enjoys it.
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