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Discussion in 'Gaming & Media' started by DK James, May 6, 2016.

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  1. There's really nothing I enjoy more on this planet than Hip-Hop music. I enjoy talking bout Hip-Hop music especially, so lets do that. Old school, new school, don't matter.
  2. I'll start with this, my current top 5 favorites:
    1. Mac Miller (usually the case)
    2. Kendrick Lamar
    3. Denzel Curry (highly underrated)
    4. Young Thug (as of just recently)
    5. Ab-Soul/Schoolboy Q/Isaiah, pretty much any TDE material
  3. My top 5 current favorite:

    Lil Dicky (thanks Shadow)
    Game (my all-time favorite)
    Wu-Tang Clan (their music never gets old)
    Ya Boy
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  4. Uhhh, guess I'll give it a shot. Currently it's:

    Joey Badass
    TDE in general
    J. Cole
    Run The Jewels
    Kanye/Pusha T

  5. Imo this is the best rap song to have been put out in the past year. Samples one of my favorite songs and lyrically I think this is the most powerful off of what is the best rap album of the 21st century. Kendrick the GOAT
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  6. Also, for the Kendrick fans.

    He was known as K-Dot when he signed to Game's record label, Black Wall Street.
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  7. Highly addicted to this song at the moment. Mick Jenkins is underrated, feel like his next album is gonna really grab peoples attention.
  8. Forggy Fresh is the greatest gimmick artist, on par with Lil' Dicky.

    His legit work under his real name Tyler Cassidy is just as fresh.
  9. Mac Dre
    Gang Starr
    Snoop's first album
    Mobb Deep
    Immortal Technique
    Lil' B
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  10. Fuck da illuminati yo.

    cool song

  11. Sick beat and message.
  12. Gang Starr fuck yea. Always love seein them get brought up. Could listen to them any day

  13. Did somebody say Lil B?
  14. Botchie 's current top 5 :

    Kendrick Lemar
    Earl Sweatshirt
    Chance the Rapper
    Tyler, The Creator

    Honorable mentions: Drake, Lil Dicky, Yung Lean, Mac Miller, Flatbush Zombies and SchoolBoy Q
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  15. We got very similar tastes, that's dope. Didn't think i'd see someone say Yung Lean but i'm glad you did. I forgot to put Earl in my top 5, he's definitely in there
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  16. Some of Sweatshirt's beats are ear rape. Grief has a good beat, but the weird distortion hurts it. Not sure if it's just me. My 2 cents at least.
  17. Let's get it Hyphy in this thread.
  18. I feel you, valid opinion, but I fuck with that style so much. Pretty unique and something not a lot of rappers could pull off. The big thing with Earl for me is his wordplay, he is lyrically on point every single verse. The way he strings words together is just out of this world.
  19. Hey!

    Big into Eminem and Kendrick, really haven't listened widely enough to other mainstream artists tbh. Any recommendations for someone very used to their thing? Thinking possibly about Drake but idk. Here are a couple of people I think everyone should try listening to, from da YT scene.

    ^ This is Dan Bull, who's a British guy (hopefully not off-putting to you guys) who raps about gaming, the two above are particularly awesome examples. Also has some really cool non-gaming shit, check out Bullmatic (tribute to iLLmatic). The video with the download is on his channel, a while back. It's pretty great.

    ^ This is George Watsky, who raps about all kinds of awesome shit, and was the guy in Pale Kid Raps Fast for anyone who remembers that. The two songs above are off two of his awesome albums, All You Can Do and Cardboard Castles. The second one is an example of the kind of spoken word poetry he also does. Tonnes of cool shit on his channel, and he's releasing a batch of new shit soon too.

    I'd really recommend those two to anyone. Just too great.

    Honestly, this one's so powerful that I skip it much more than I should in favour of lighter-hearted stuff. TPAB is the fucking shit.
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