Hipster Hitler

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    I lol all the time when reading this :ryan:
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  2. Are there more of these? I didn't think this was great but it has potential.
  3. they exist at Hipsterhitler.com
  4. I've never heard of Hipster Hitler before but that's brilliant.:win:
  5. lulz

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  6. One of my personal favs is his reaction when he meets Stalin for the first time.
  7. His shirts are killing me.

    I <3 Juice
    Death Camp for Cutie
  8. You can buy them DZ. You can actually have those shirts if you wanted to.
  9. Let's not get carried away.
  10. Lol'd

    Hipster Hitler is awesome. :win:
  11. Hipster Hitler is a beast :otunga: next WWE champion?
  12. Too mainstream, he'd take the title and go to Chikara with it.
  13. But he'd be the first hipster champion :emoji_hushed:
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    Aaah Broseph Stalin you filthy drunk
  15. Where did you come across this site? Just looking at a few and they are great, do you know of any more sites like this one?
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