HMV likely to go after x-mass!

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    The news in this article that upsets me is the fact they are selling off there concert venues as HMV Ritz in Manchester is one of the best small venues we have in the city!

  2. Doesn't surprise me tbh, who buys cds or dvds anymore? Itunes and Netflix killed itm
  3. I am a little surprised as they own loads of concert venues that do really well so thats the bit I'm gutted about.

    I only buy dvd's now nothing else thats just cause I like having a big collection just my thing.
  4. What is HMV? :vince:
  5. It's a music chain in the UK that also sells dvd's, books, t-shirts, games and consoles.

    Also they run many of the smaller gig venues in the UK as well.
  6. Stores that sell purely CD's, DVDs and games will have a rough time in today's market. Much easier for people to order online or use services like itunes, spotify or netflix. If you want to sell movies in physical form you need to open something like BestBuy, that sells other stuff as well
  7. Ohhh ok! Yeah had quite a few places close over here thanks to netflix and itunes. :pity:
  8. I agree totally that's why they had started buying up and running concert venues but obvs that isn't increasing losses quick enough for them not to go under.
  9. In this day and age... Most people do 50% or more of their shopping online, as it is easier, cheaper and faster.
    Do they have online stores?
  10. Yeah they suck tho tbh.

    I'm just worried bout my gig venue for next year as got a few booked at the HMV venue! :upset:
  11. You think they are going to go under for sure?
  12. Probs.

    The venue would just get sold anyways and stay open no doubt but it's just rubbish as it's got great staff etc who it would be a shame to see disappear.
  13. They might sign something that keeps all the current employes though. That happens when a lot of places change owners.

    Unless they are completely going to change everything about the store.
  14. That is very true Brit.


  15. We have them here in Canada too. Most are closing down, there's only a couple that I know of that are still open.
  16. Aww! That's sad!

    I buy much of my DVDs there... :((
  17. Usually if its just a name change and a new owner they keep the current employes because they want to keep the store the same, like selling the same stuff and what not, but maybe changing prices, adding more and making the store more appealing for sales. I'm sure if they were letting everyone go, they would say so months in advance.
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