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  1. So this is my attempt to get to better know everyone! :yay:

    So, everyone has their own hobbies, you know, things they enjoy doing. What do you guys/gals enjoy?

    I enjoy writing, blogging, drawing/painting, making jewelry, playing video games and designing websites. I also love cats and kittens but that's not a hobby.. Just a fact. :obama: lol
  2. I like Basketball, Working-out, Reading, Playing video games and I guess Chilling with friends?
    I also love cats as well.
    Had 3 in my life time. :willis:
  3. Film Making
  4. Basketball is my favorite sport, I like the way they dribble up and down the court... LOL Thanks to NBA2k12 that song is stuck in my head! I too enjoy basketball, and football, but basketball takes the cake for me.

    And cats = cuteness of awesome! lol I have 2 right now, and had one that passed away 5 years ago. I also have a quaker parrot. However, my husband's mom's cats (well one's a kitten) live with us atm so there are 3 here, and one of mine stays with my mom. He don't get along with the one cat... Actually, she don't get along with him. lol
  5. Things i enjoy;

    -Listening and masturbating to music (namely Metal and heavier 70s Psychedelic rock.)
    -watching sports (namely baseball & football) and wrestling

    That's about it. I am very simple and boring. :goatface:
  6. I like watching TV, reading, writing, blogging, hanging out with friends, listening to 2000-2005 songs, volleyball, and playing video games. :emoji_slight_smile:)
  7. I think my first cat passed away at 2006? The other two got stolen like in 2010. :sad:
  8. 2000-2005 songs? Do you just like songs from them years?

    I actually love mid to late 90's and early 2000's music the most. I don't like much of what's out now.


    Aww what the heck is wrong with people...Were they pure breed cats? Who the heck steals cats!?


    I fixed it for ya! :haha:
  9. -Playing guitar
    -Watching Wrestling
    -Listening to music
    -Studying musical artists
    -Reading and writing Zelda fan stuff
    -Playing video games
  10. __________

    Yep. I'm onto boybands and girl groups the most. At least they made good music, unlike artists here and now... :((
  11. Backstreet Boy 4 Life! <3
  12. That's a lie, there are plenty of good artist today. Just that most people find today's popular music not as good as the past, but the underground has tons of talent that people enjoy.
  13. I won't lie..
    I loved (and still love) Backstreet Boys & Nsync :yay:

    I like JT by himself though, too. He makes catchy music.

    I'm more of an alternative chick though. Red Hot Chili Peppers, Incubus, Fu Fighters, Smashing Pumpkins ect.


    I agree.. The mainstream is what's "meh".
  14. I think current bands that started a while back are still doing good as well, Guns N' Roses(that was a surprise), Foo Fighters, Killswitch Engage, Soundgarden, and plenty others are still doing good. Charts and awards are for those who don't look for music on their own, those who love music truly find music that is good to THEM, not others, whether it's pop, dubstep, country, rap, rock, 70s,80s, metal, grunge, or anything.
  15. Haha! I love BSB too! <333 I'm going to their cruise on 2013!

    I know, and I wasn't speaking about all artists! (My fault, I forgot to include the word "most". :(()

    Mainstream has it's notable songs but 99% of it is just crap.

    I am into rock too! :emoji_slight_smile:) Fozzy, Metallica... <333

    JT is awesome, but I loved JC more. :((
  16. I prefer puppies :yay:
  17. I make music (that sounds god awful), I busk in the city with a few friends (I'm a Bluesy Trumpet player) and I'm just about to setup a dedi and sell hosting on it.

    I've got awful hobbies.
  18. My main hobbies are computers and Xbox, I don't do to much other then that unless I'm hanging out with my friends or something and then I'll just do whatever they do....Which is normally getting up to mischief :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
  19. Playing Keyboard [not computer keyboard you dumbfucks], Shopping, Hanging out with friends, Playing football, Watching movies [ i have a collection of over 150 pirated movies in my HD ]
  20. I like playing sports, (I'm retired so I only play minimal contact sports), I like reading especially books such as Game Of Thrones, Harry Potter, I also like Lance Armstrong's autobiography's. I like to play video games from time to time including Zelda, Final Fantasy, Mass Effect and many more.
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