Hockey Hockey is finally back!

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  1. They finally agreed on a new CBA, this time it's a 10 year deal. So at least a decade with no lockouts.
    So who are your picks to make it to the cup final in this shortened season?

    IMO the team from the East will be the Rangers. With Gaborik, Nash, and Brad Richards up front. Del Zotto, Stall, and Girardi on the back end; and arguably the best tender in the game, Lundqvist. A nice balance of vets and youth, adding Nash in the off season was a HUGE move and should improve their PP immensely.

    As for the West, I see the Kings making it for the second time in a row. With forwards like Mike Richards, Carter and Kopitar. D-men like Doughty, Greene, and Mitchell; and IMO the best young goalie in the game, Jonathan Quick. This team is still stacked and virtually identical to the team that won the cup last year. With the long rest there should be no "Stanley Cup hangover", and they should be ready for a nice long run.

    Kings in 6 for a back to back championship.

    hopefully my Leafs at least make the playoffs though :sad:
  2. Sympathy reply :dawg: :pity1:
  3. Someone will reply when he sun rises here on the East Coast :Willis:


    Also, I don't need your sympy :Steiner:
  4. I dont see the kings repeating...

    Minnesota is going to be tough to deal with.
    same as Vancouver and detroit is always in the mix.

    Too many great teams in the west.

    unfortunately, im a fan of one of the teams that are not a powerhouse in the west...

    go flames go
  5. I don't see the Wings doing anything this year. Lidstrom is a huge loss on the blue line, and Howard is serviceable, but not the guy that's going to take you to a cup.
  6. Most likely wont be watching much/any of the games this season, this 4 month ordeal was bullshit, but im glad it's over. The 10 year contract makes me feel better at least as far as real fans should feel, i couldnt imagine if the brewers didnt start until july, and then still expect my interest.

    Ill probably just stick to college.
  7. I thought the season would be gone for sure so I was pleasantly surprised to see that they've agreed to terms. I'm excited to see all of the hockey teams back in action once again.
  8. My grandfather called me this morning (Huge NY Rangers fan) And said it was back. I'm happy for their fans.
  9. Give hockey a chance man, I'm sure you'll like it.


    Welcome, nice to finally see another hockey fan on the forum.
  10. I would but i'd want to root for the rangers. I don't think I get any of their games in ohio. I already have ordered NBA NFL and MLB this year. If they offer a sweet deal because of the lockout, I will give it a shot. I will be coming to you though with tons of questions.
  11. More then glad to answer any questions you have. I'm sure you can find their games streaming. Also, if you're rooting for the NYR, then you're in for a treat this season, they're pretty stacked.
  12. I'm a Blackhawks fan from Wisconsin and I typically have to watch their games online since I don't have hockey and live too close to Minnesota so the Wild's games interfere lol. @Davidson I can share with you later how you can stream the games online if you're interested.
  13. I think this was intended for me? You should PM me the links when they become available.
  14. Oh yeah sorry about that lol! I'll PM you.
  15. I like the Hawks, but L.A. has just too much firepower up front, and Quick is incredible between the pipes. Good luck though, I'm sure they'll do better than my Leafs :sad1:
  16. Thank you
  17. Quick is a BEAST. He irritates the daylights out of me since he stops everything in sight but I respect the crap out of him as an athlete.

    Aww you're a Leafs fan? I'm so sorry :dawg:
  18. Way to tell it like it is :facepalm:

    One day we'll be back dammit!
  19. Trust me, I wish he wasn't so good. It would make my life as a Blackhawks fan a lot easier.
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