Spoiler HoF announcement set for Monday

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Feb 22, 2014.

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  2. Figured as much when he died last year.
  3. wonder if Taker will be in character to induct him? has anyone ever been inducted or inducted someone in character?
  4. Who even remembers this guy? He's a nobody and shouldn't be in the HoF. Zack Ryder should be in the HoF.
  5. Not really. Kane even broke character a bit when inducting Drew Carey. Taker might include some signs of the Deadman, but he'll probably be serious throughout the speech.
  6. Taker's been coming out of character more and more recently anyway. He's done commercials using his real name as well as appeared as himself on WWE DVDs like the 50 year history of WWE set. So getting up at the podium and giving a speech at the HOF ceremony like everyone else shouldn't be a problem or "too out of character" for him any longer. Besides, I feel he should have already long transformed back into the 1997/1998 incarnation of his character anyway, the version of the Dead Man that would do all the usual Undertaker stuff (dress in black, roll his eyes into the back of his head, give a cryptic promo or two here and there, put people in caskets, etc.) but who would also speak regularly on the mic.
  7. Example A:

  8. It'll be surreal to see Paul Bearer inducted and Corporate Kane on the same show.
  9. Didn't know Undertaker was so big with Spur Compassion Ministries.

    Doesn't surprise me, but I didn't know it. I did know he was a member of a Masonic youth organization called the Order of DeMolay back in Houston, so that's cool.

  10. Expected really, but not against Paul being inducted.
  11. William Moody aka Paul Bearer deserves to bei n the hall of ame and Mark Callaway aka Undertaker should do it no one else comes close to him
  12. Oh my god, if Lesnar decides to win the title tonight on Raw. They could have the triple threat main event at 'Mania. Announce Paul Bearer's induction. The show's end will have Triple H & Kane talking about how Kane will induct Paul Bearer and how he is the only one that truly cared for Bearer or some bullshit excuse like that. Daniel Bryan can come out and get in Kane's face. Triple H stops it but DB gets in HHH's face. HHH smirks and shit. Something happens. Taker's music hits. Kane vs. Taker #3 at 'Mania 30. Saving PPVs since 1996
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