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Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Danielson, Jan 14, 2014.

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  1. The Ultimate Warrior.

    It appears as though that Vince got on the same page as Warrior (somehow) and has decided to induct him into the Hall Of Fame. I remember when 2k14 came out, it was made known that Warrior had the deal with 2k and not WWE.

    I'm a little surprised after that one flame dvd WWE released, but anyways, how do you feel about The Ultimate Warrior getting into the HOF?
  2. In my opinion he deserves it for being massively over in his time. He may not be the best in ring at all, but he was completely over when his theme played.
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  3. I marked my tits off when I heard his theme
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  4. I liked that intro they did. Really radical man.
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  5. Vince already tried to induct him once before but he declined (he still had an axe to grind with them at the time), but with him being on good terms with the company again (since he made appearances for them during Wrestlemania weekend last year and all), I figured he would go in this year. What other main event hall of fame could have went in?

    Also, anyone who dares to say Warrior doesn't deserve the induction is a moron.
  6. Far from the world's best wrestler but he knew what to give the crowds. Deserving inductee. Warrior was big.
  7. It's about time. His theme music was just terrific. Used to love seeing everyone go crazy when he ran to the ring.
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  8. I want him to be at the rumble so bad :please:
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  9. [​IMG] People will pop, because 90% dont know who the hell he is.
  10. That would give me goosebumps for sure.
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  11. All I know is that speech won't be live
  12. Yeah that theme music is the tits though,
    He made his presence felt even though he wasn't too great in the ring but hey, this is called an entertainment industry for a reason.. it's not all about the skill it can be about putting on a show!
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