Hoffthread2. site for wwe smileys?

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by the_hoff, Nov 16, 2013.

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  1. The Hoff here. Not tryin' to spam or anything by them likes, but I was just curious if anyone here, on this, the greatest forum on the internet, WWEForums, knew of any good sites to find some of those there wrestlling smileys? Such as the ones we are provided. Maybe a stupid question? Sure. Either way, help for The Hoff is much appreciated. :jbl:
  2. People just make them or cut them out. I cut out a few like...

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    True, but in all honesty, The Hoff's feelin' pretty lazy at the moment. I know, even too lazy to do that? Meh. Yeah. Wanna make some chump change btw?
  4. Send me the images in PM you want cut and I'll cut them.
  5. Much appreciated, and will do. :jericho:
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  6. watch out for this new kid. I never sent him a message before, and he sends me this? WTF is he getting at? Tryin to hassle, and frame the Hoff? No sir. I ain't goin down that easily kiddo. I dunno whats with these new kids debuting attempting at getting a rub from yours truly. I mean, c'monnn :finger:
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  7. I really do need to learn how to cut these kind of things
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