Hogan agrees Impact Zone is "killing the product"

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Crayo, Oct 19, 2012.

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  2. Well, at least the crowd there is pretty good. It'd be good if they went on the road though.
  3. You don't say Hulk.
  4. I like the IZ. It used to suck, but they are pretty damn good most of the time these days. I think the IZ is fine, if I were TNA I would just go on the road for go home shows and PPVs.

    As we've seen though that is risky for TNA... Lockdown 2012 is hard evidence that going to a different venue isn't always better. I can't remember the last time the IZ ruined a PPV, but I can recall plenty of dead crowds in other places lowering the entertainment value of PPVs
  5. Well duh. GTFOing away from the IZ can't come soon enough, but it's too damn expensive, plus when you counter in being live. More money earned, more advertising, good business decisions brought in the next 3-4 months and I think they can go on-the-road-and-live full time next mid-year around Slammiversary. My two and 2/3 chents.
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  6. I don't see that much of a problem with it anymore. The crowds pretty alive most the time.

    Going on the road will be great, but it won't make it better imo. Can they really draw as many people as WWE every week in different states? What guarantees they'll be any better than the IZ?
  7. God no. They can't draw crowds for shit, that's why I don't mind the IZ.

    They drew ~3,000 motherfuckers for BFG. Their biggest PPV of the year.

    Now granted, TNA goes to the wrong parts of the country. If they would go into wrestling hotbeds like Philly, Chicago, NYC, Montreal, ect they would probably get some hot smark crowds.
  8. Only 3k? The place actually looked packed! Good positioning, I guess?

    I'd love it if they just rotated each smark city every week, but any other city eh.

    I can just imagine them going to a non-smark city where barely anyone shows up, and nobody cheers or anything. :cry:
  9. 3000? Hell NO. Meltzer reported that and it spread like the desease over the wrestling shitholes. If you look at the logic (what Meltzer is unfamiliar with obviously), the arena capacity is released was close to 5000. So a week b4, they released more tickets. What does that tell you? It was sold out. There were (according to reliable sources and researchers around 4500-4800 k people in the BFG building in Phoenix. That case is closed in my book.

    But overall yeah, Lockdown this year also showed negatives of going on the road. But, pros are imo definitively outweighing the cons of going. TNA can draw, they showed it (especially Slammiversary and London), so why not? Do it, just advertise much more.
  10. 3,000 or 4,500... still for your biggest show of the year that's not great. TNA doesn't have a big fanbase, so going on the road fulltime just isn't a realistic option.
  11. Their core fanbase in USA is 1 million and 250-500k people. You count in UK, it's around 200-400k (I'm taking the Impact and Challenge TV viewers in estimate). Plus, it isn't PG, and that solidifies that milf moms can't take kids to the shows. So yes, forget about those kinda money fans.
  12. I think they should extend the Impact Zone, not move away from it.
    TNA needs a professional marketing team more than anything, the product is great but nobody knows about it.
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  13. I've said this for the longest time.
  14. Indeed, marketing would help TNA a lot.
  15. Please hire experts TNA and fire those marketing inbreds you've dealing with the last 7 yrs.
  16. Out of curiosity, do they completely own the IZ yeah? The building itself? I think Solidus' idea of extending it is a great idea, if you keep doing that over time when you can afford it then it will drastically help the product. I still think going on the road is the best idea and going to actual decent cities, but for the short-term extending the IZ could help. It really does ruin things when one fan in the IZ chants something retarded which you can hear completely fine because it's so small.

    I'm also a strong believer that the arena/design gives out an aura. If you watch RAW you realise "Okay this is quite a big thing" because they're in 16,000 seater arenas and the stage/set up is relatively big. It becomes more about WWE and what's going on inside the ring than the individual crowd members. However I understand WWE's wallet is obviously a LOT bigger than TNA's, and although I don't know if TNA could afford to go on the road, I still think it would help the product, and evidently double H does too.

    Last input though, where would you guys suggest TNA goes and markets hard? The one good thing about PG is you have a LOT of options for exposure, though I don't expect the TV-14 guideline is stopping TNA so obviously something is going wrong.
  17. I think they should work some kind of split schedule, where they do about half of the shows, maybe 2/3 in the IZ, and the other 1/3 to 1/2 on the road. They need to stick in the mid-South/Florida/Georgia/Carolinas area for the most part, maybe the odd trip to Louisiana, Arkansas, or Texas, or an odd one to Philly, Chicago, someplace like that, especially at first. Also, they should do about 1/2 of their PPV's on the road, same type of set-up.

    They've got to start small to build up that excitement. I don't know that TNA will be able to afford to go completely away from the Impact Zone, at least not in the next 5 - 10 years, but, if this is done right and deliberately, it could become a profitable venture for them. I do agree with what several people here have said (and :hogan: tweeted) in that staying pretty exclusively in the IZ is going to kill the company in the long run.

  18. It's H Double, not Double H.
  19. H Double, Double H, Triple H.

    Whatever it takes. :dawg:

  20. No, they don't. Impact Zone is just the big part of the Universal Studios in Orlando.

    Going on the road 8 times last year didn't show any ratings improvement, as the ratings were even lower than they were in Impact Wrestling Zone. Just saying that ratings wise. Maybe if they go constantly on the road, or one full month, then the second month stay in the IZ, and so on, that'd show what the truth is. You make the iron stronger by putting it in the fire, so why not?
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