Hogan and TNA News; Hulk Wants To Reinvent

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Testify, Apr 21, 2012.

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  1. I agree here. Discuss. :taker:
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  2. "Going live would fix 75% of the issues". No. No it wouldn't. It would help, but it's nowhere near 75%. And you complain about not having enough money? Really, Hogan? They probably could go live if all their money wasn't tied up in your contract!

    Otherwise I agree with him completely and hope he's right. We really need a new era in wrestling, to freshen up both products and make them less SSDD. Hopefully they can push WWE and make wrestling fun again.
  3. I agree with Draine about money and Hogan. Why don't you take a pay cut and they could probably afford to go live.
  4. Pretty simple answer to that. An asshole. His paycheck per one appeareance is around 35k $. Nuff said for me, brother!
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  5. Being an asshole is one thing, but don't sit there and complain about their not being enough money when you are the one causing most of the monetary issues along with a few others like Sting, Flair, Van Dam, ect. All who need to gtfo and take their overpriced salaries with them.
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  6. Wow... Why not have Jeremy Borash as GM? He can announce Open Fight Night, TV Title Defenses every week, a #1 Contender's Match, and NOT cost the company oodles of dollars!

    Yeah no kidding. Hardy and Angle can draw viewers, they are still relevant. Stars of companies that died more than a decade ago are not.
  7. I honestly believe they only keep re-signing Sting so Vince can't get him. Like saying look we have Sting, the WWE could never manage it so we're better right?
  8. Lol, those tweets are funny, but everyone knows Hogan is full of shit. As usual.
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  9. Hogan said the same thing two years ago when Impact went to Mondays, that it was gonna "change the face of wrestling" or something along those lines. But they didn't and they were back to Thursdays in no time.

    If I were they, I would go back and re-negotiate with Paul Heyman, and give him full 100% creative control like he originally wanted in the first place.
  10. So true. Liked, good post.

    Really? And he's now appearing weekly? Fucking hell.

    Never thought I'd read this from you, I agree, but I'm shocked. You'd call me a hater if I posted that :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:

    I wouldn't be surprised at all, not at all.

    TNA needs to listen to the IWC, hell, even WWE sometimes listen to us. It's not just the IWC though in TNA's case, every TNA fan I know says "Get rid of Hogan and the old fucks, bring in some new talent and go live". Why do they refuse to drop these deadbeat drunk has-beens? No seriously - that's not rhetorical, tell me. Most weeks Hogan segments lose viewers, none of the old guys are drawing, so what's the incentive?
  11. Yep, 35k per episode and still complaints about no money. Flair has 22k per month, so at least he's not that much of a problem as Hogan.

    As far Sting goes, Dixie said Sting might be gone until 2013. Boy, gonna miss him. :sting:
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  12. IMO Sting should just retire from TNA, have that dream match with Taker and say goodbye that way. Hogan just needs to go, TNA can fire him. Flair is funny still so he can be useful but I see him returning to WWE soon.
  13. Sting needs to stay for 1 more year, work 3-5 matches and put the younger guys over. His current (post BFG '11) role is perfect for him and IW.
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