News Hogan & Bischoff Gone; More TNA News & Notes (10/30/13)

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  1. - Hulk Hogan's profile has been removed from the official TNA roster page, indicating his final departure from TNA, and he is no longer close to re-signing with TNA. All signs point to Hogan getting back to WWE down the line.

    - Eric Bischoff was fired by TNA recently, and is gonna get paid for the remainder of his contract (two months).

    - AAA has confirmed that El Mesias will challenge AJ Styles for the TNA World Title this Sunday night. El Mesias is better known to TNA fans as Judas Mesias and his feud with Abyss. He last appeared for TNA on One Night Only PPV back in July.

    - TNA has a great number of 14 shows set for January 2014, included are two dates of the UK Tour and Genesis live PPV event.

    - While not formally announced yet, the Genesis pay-per-view is believed to be taking place at Universal Studios.

    - AJ Styles has been "stripped" of the TNA World Title. His profile has been removed from TNA's official website -- and the title is declared vacant. More developments this Thursday night on Spike TV.

    - The profile of Ken Anderson has been added to the roster page following his return this past Thursday.

    - More details have come out about two TNA PPVs that will be taped in the UK this upcoming January and February:

    TNA ONE NIGHT ONLY: BRITISH EMPIRE CUP will see eight of the world’s greatest wrestlers battle it out in a one-night tournament. Seven top TNA IMPACT WRESTLING superstars will be joined by an eighth competitor, the winner of a TNA signature gauntlet battle royal featuring well-known British and international stars. The eight warriors will have to go through a gruelling and high-octane knockout competition to win the British Empire Cup, which will then be defended each year on TNA’s UK Tours. The event will also feature TNA’s lovely and lethal Knockouts fighting for their own trophy.

    TNA ONE NIGHT ONLY: JOKER’S WILD 2 sees a first round of intriguing tag team matches, where old partners or bitter enemies may be drawn to work together. The victorious pairings then advance to a winner-takes-all gauntlet battle royal, where it's every man for himself with a prize of £100,000 on the line to the last man standing.
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  2. Styles vs Mesias, I wonder if that match is a just a straight up match, or is this of a hardcore variety, which Mesias has a fetish to use something to make his opponent bleed to death.
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  4. This is awesome, great to see Hogan leaving/Anderson and AJ staying. Styles vs Mesias also sounds good.
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