Hogan coming back to the ring brother?

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  1. I'm going to die in the ring, brother :hogan:
  2. Back to put over baby Bischoff brother :hogan:
  3. ... I'm sure he doesn't want me watching TNA. Fuck off Hogan.
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  4. Dear Hogan: If you kill yourself in the ring since you clearly can't see when your time has passed and just stay the fuck away, don't expect us to feel sorry for you. Brother.
  5. Legdrop. In 2013. In TNA Wrestling.

  6. Hulk
    wat r u doin
  7. Have him go heel in aces and 8s, vs sting, and get put down. Then, fuck him, if he died in the ring it would be hilarious to Rick Astley music.

    Some of these assholes NEED to realize it is NEVER realistic to see a 23-fucking 35 year old get crushed by your old bony titty having ass in the ring or out. I marked when he came down with the baseball bat, but look at the fucker move. Jesus i hate this idea, i hate it so fucking much, because we all know he will go over a grip of the biggest stars, not just one.
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  8. Hulk for TNA champ :hogan:
  9. Hulk Hogan in the ring... this will be entertaining.

  10. Could see Hulk beating Bobby Roode for the belt later this year tbh.
  11. How fucking terrible.
  12. Yeah, one of those moments where you start laughing because you think "lol are they actually doing this"? But you never know when it's Hogan.
  13. The moment when you realize hogan will beat roode, aa, and probably hardy to get the belt, and we will have to deal with a 60 :facepalm1: year old for MONTHS.
  14. Yep. :downer:
  15. We should make a bet for EC. If i win, you have to change football hating in your MotM deal to soccer, you can pick what i do if i lose.

    Think about it.
  16. Can see an A&E's fighting against Bully Ray, Hardy, James Storm, Hulk Hogan and Sting
  17. I'm more over than those vanilla midgets Aries and Roode brother :hogan:
  18. Go away Hulk. You're old.
  19. I wanted to put soccer in there lol, Crayo didn't want to do it and changed it to football. :mad2:
  20. Bamboozled. Demand it.
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