Hogan Comments on Impact/Brooke's Wedding Dress

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  1. Dixie Carter tweeted the following photo of Brooke's wedding dress.


    Hulk Hogan wrote the following on Twitter in regards to Brooke Hogan's wedding on Impact tonight, "I wish I could get to her mom,maby she could help in this situation,I don't think she would approve at this point , HH"

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  2. deth -- I still fucking hate your sig, you little asshat.

    Anyway ..... :yay: a pic of a wedding dress we can't see. Can this storyline be over yet?
  3. :downer:
  4. No worries, I still like you. :yay:
    I blame Test for your sig. :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:unk:
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  5. Sadly, as soon as this storyline ends, you know what's going to happen...

    Ranjin Singh: "Hey, TNA has this storyline going about the GM's daughter dating a wrestler and the GM being upset about it... given how love stories are doing so much for the wrestling business right now, which one should we do?"

    Vince: "The same thing, except instead of the GM's daughter, it could be the general manager! Yeah, Vickie Guerrero, messing with... hmm, who'll be the guy to replace Bully Ray... Oh, Santino! Lets have a Santino/Vickie love angle!"

  6. :ohgod: I hate this storyline. I hope Bully Ray smashes cake into her face and beats the shit out of the priest with his twittah machine, otherwise this'll just be generic and boring :upset:
  7. :damn: I totally see this happening
  8. Damnit. :upset: Sometimes I really hate that you're right.

    Inb4 the Cobra is the ring-bearer. :dawg: Or better yet, Vickie having an affair with the Cobra. Sheesh. Wouldn't put it past them on any account. Why can't they leave weddings out of wrestling?
  9. Because a wrestling wedding gave birth to the greatest hat of all time! That's why!

  10. I shall respond via smilies:

    :true: :pity:
  11. Also hope to see Bully, at least, saying no, although someone going through a table would also be nice.
  12. Hmm, what if after the marriage, Bully is revealed to be the leader of the Aces and Eights, turns heel, and puts the almighty Hulkster through a table? Other than being Crayo's mark out moment of 2013, would that be good since it would finally wrap up Aces and Eights (thank god) or bad since it would make this storyline even more convoluted?

    As for the Santino/Vickie post... sadly, Miss Nazi, they could do so much worse than that.
  13. I'm good with that. I want to see Bully as a heel again, him putting Hulk through a table would be good. And since one of the main points in the A&8s story arch is who the leader is, and since we know that story isn't vanishing that soon one way or another, revealing the leader now so the story ends at Lockdown is good with me.
  14. I don't necesarrily want to see Bully as a heel again. I was looking forward to Bully as a Bad ass, tweener face which I believe that he could pull off very well. The anti-hero because Storm isn't one.
  15. All I know something MASSIVE needs to happen in the segment. Heel turn, aliens, I don't care.
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  16. Hogan's son will come out, take out bully and announce that he (Hogan's son) is the leader of aces and brook was part of the plan, then they go straight after hulk to take control of tna while bully looks on with flowers in hand saying "why"
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