Hogan & Eric threaten Steiner with legal action.

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Crayo, May 16, 2012.

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  1. His tweets are better than most people's promos.
  2. Um, I'm pretty sure it's not against the law to criticize someone on Twitter. Besides, Hogan and BITCHoff dismissed Steiner as just a bitter old wrestler, so why bother bringing the authorities into it? I mean, if he really is nothing to them, then why do they care enough about what he says that they'd try and threaten him legally? (I'm actually asking an honest question there - why WOULD you threaten legal action against someone just because they criticize you on the internet? It's kinda lame.)
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  3. Steiner playing checkers would be the best game of checkers ever. I know the perchents of that for sure. :steiner:
  4. Legal actions? Then nothing from from Steiner kicking their ass? :rock:
  5. Lmao wtf are they suing him for?
  6. False statements and threatening, lmfao. #Asskicking:obama:

    I believe that will be on helluva trial, perhaps the GOAT.
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  7. I can imagine Steiner cutting a better promo than them in court.
  8. Posting to be informed of new comments, but just for the hell of it, here's some intelligent insight from Brooke Hogan:

    Edited for clarity. Brooke, shut up. You look like a toddler.
  9. Did Brooke just admit to being a whore?
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  10. Brooke is such a bitchy slut.
  11. Brooke should work for Brazzers and Bangbros, IMO...
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  12. I read what Brooke said and i want my 20 seconds of precious life back
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  13. Why does Brooke think her opinion is wanted?
  14. I love Kia. She'll be the sweetest person on the forums for about 200 posts and then abruptly bury something. It's so great.

    Anyway, more from Steiner:

    Stopspot was right btw
  15. :steiner: #NoWordsRequired
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  16. Hahahahah he completely buries Hulk.
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