Hogan files lawsuit

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  1. ....claiming $50 million in damages, brother. :hogan:

  2. Who hasn't Hogan sued? :dawg:

    Anyway, that's a fuck load of cash. :mog:
  3. Why Hogan vs. Cena didn't happen:

    TMZ reports that Hulk Hogan is basing his $50 million lawsuit against the Laser Spine Institute on missing a big payday against WWE's top star, John Cena.

    According to Hogan's attorneys, Hogan was set to receive a lucrative "phase out contract" in 2009 that would have delivered a mega-main event of Hogan vs. Cena. However, because of Hogan's back condition and alleged damage caused by LSI's operations, the match did not occur. (Hogan then joined TNA at the end of 2009.)

    Essentially, Hogan is claiming that WWE's contract, the match vs. Cena, and "subsequent appearance opportunities" was valued at $50 million.

    Who would've won? :hogan:
  4. Cena fo sho. Superman wouldn't lose to the Hulk.
  5. Hogan would have jobbed to Cena. I remember hearing about Michaels and Hogan playing "Out Politic Vince McMahon" to see who would win their Summerslam 2005 match, and the thing that supposedly won Vince over with Hogan was that he said he would put over Cena in the future.
  6. That's a lot of money. Didn't really want to see Hogan wrestling Cena or anything, but meh.
  7. :mog: All that cash, Hogan :why: don't you share with me, wwwwhhhhyyyyy :Why: Anyway guess that sucks for them, I guess it saved us from his world championship reign in TNA I suppose.
  8. $50 million is a whole lot of money. It would've been nice watching Hulk Hogan and John Cena compete at WrestleMania however it doesn't really appeal to me.
  9. I can see Cena winning and Hogan helping put him over, but I do wonder how the crowd would have felt if that match had gotten to take place. If they would have been upset that the almighty Cena defeated the great Hogan, if they would have been excited to see Cena come out on top, etc.

    Too bad we'll never know. :haha:
  10. You ain't getting jack, brother. :hogan:
  11. Wow, I'm so glad that match didn't happen.
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