News Hogan legdrops Gawker. Gets insane amount of money

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  1. For those of you who have not followed it, the verdict was just passed in the trial of Hulk Hogan vs Gawker (regarding them leaking his sex tape and racist comments).

    The results: Hogan wins (lol). The jury ruled in favor of Hulk and awarded him 115 million US dollars plus punitive.

    Pictured below, an artist rendition of the trial:
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    Use this thread for all your Hogan trial related banter
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  3. What a legend.
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  4. I love that Hogan carnied himself into the babyface in this entire situation. And that a juror had to be replaced since he/she felt they couldn't judge Hogan fairly following his heel turn in 96
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  5. Nobody can milk a crowd (of jurors) like the Hulkster, brother.

    I'm happy for Hogan. He's been through so much BS because of this. His career pretty much ruined. Not to mention what he already went through with his divorce prior to this. I don't care if he uses racial slurs :blackshock: the dude is a freakin legend and without him this forum might not exsist. Enjoy that bread, Hogan. HULKAMANIA RUNNING WILD! NOW LET'S HOPE WE SEE YOU AT WRESTLEMANIA, BROTHER!

  7. I'm kind of sad this case is over, it was pretty hilarious following it.
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  8. Lol it wasn't just a slur, he was blatantly being a racist ****. Not that I care too much, but I can at least see why people were outraged. I doubt we see Hulk in WWE any time soon.
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  9. [​IMG]
    Hogan gonna Hulk 115 Mil away and we will see him back in WWE. I give it 3-5 years max before the cream rises back to the top.
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  10. This has to be the most epic leg-drop of his career.
  11. Lets be real here... They were outraged because he was a white man saying racist things. :henry2:

    And dude is likely messed up in the head. Anyone who goes through being on a reality tv show ends up coming out of it with minor brain damage.
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  12. HA! I was gonna post the botched spot comic! They called it first!

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  14. The biggest Hulkamaniac of 'em all, @Jacob Fox, will be happy to hear/see these news, brother! :hogan:
  15. Virgil is after that fuck money also.

    I wonder if Hulk will use this in a I can't be racist I have black friends way, it wouldn't surprise.
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    Another delicious piece of justice in this piece:

    Hogan also sued Gawker founder Nick Denton and former editor Albert Daulerio, and the jury found those two personally liable as well.

    What does this mean? This means that they cannot just declare Gawker bankrupt to avoid paying Hulk his money (which is something a lot of companies do when they lose in court in cases of this size). Denton and Daulerio are personally on the hook as well. Hulkamania is going to run wild on their personal fortunes as well as the corpse of Gawker.

    And thanks to intentional tort (which is an iirc and thus legal in Florida), Denton cannot just declare personal bankruptcy to avoid paying.

    tldr: Hogan's lawyer was smart enough to ensure that Gawker cannot avoid paying. Through also suing the founder and editor, they cannot just declare the company bankrupt, and through Intentional tort, they themselves cannot declare bankruptcy. One way or another, Hulk is getting his money.
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  18. Denton seems to be appealing too, so he'll have to post $50 million as a supersedeas bond in order to do so. Pretty much good faith money to insure that the appeal isn't simply to delay payment. Florida only allows $50 million for supersedeas bonds, so it can keep him from having to pay the entire amount until after the appeal...of course if he loses or the amount isn't reduced lower than $50 million,the money from the bond automatically goes to Hogan.

    But yup. Hogan is getting some money.
  19. You married that biggest Hulkamaniac ever... wonder what that says about you? :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
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